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Activities Around EC Los Angeles This Weekend (May 18-19)

Hey ! If you don’t know what to do this weekend, here’s a list of very cool events happening on Saturday and Sunday! Have Fun! SMORGASBURG WHAT: Open-air food market When: every Sunday (10.00 a.m. – 6.00 p.m.) Where: Alameda Produce Market, Downtown Los Angeles Price: FREE Details: More INFO here A TUTTA PIZZA! LA’s Pizza Fest What: Unlimited pizza, workshops, pizza contest, craft beers, All-you-can-eat Pizza slices When: Sunday, May 19th Where: Hollywood Palladium Price: starting at $30 Details: More INFO here APOLLO’S 50th ANNIVERSARY What: Day-long Tribute to Apollo 10 with a party and a special presentation of All Space Considered. When: Saturday, May 18 Where: Griffith Observatory Price: FREE Details: More INFO here MONROVIA DAYS 2019 What: Community fair with games, rides, food, vendors, a parade and more to celebrate the city’s birthday. When: May 17-19 Where: Old Town Monrovia Price: FREE Details: More INFO here ARTsea What: Party on the beach with art, dance, music, food, and much more. When: May 18-19 Where: Marina Del Rey Price: FREE Details: More INFO here DOWNTOWN BURBANK ARTS FESTIVAL 2019 What: outdoor festival with 200 artists, famous Disney animators, interactive experiences, special appearances, and much more. When: May 18-19 Where: Downtown Burbank Price: FREE Details: More INFO here CALIFORNIA STRAWBERRY FESTIVAL What: Food booths, contests, rides, attractions, concerts and celebrity chef demonstrations. When: May 18 – 19 Where: Oxnard Price: $12 Details: More INFO here   Find more about best  los angeles language schools  here:)

Afternoon free class:Pronunciation Clinic

ESL students have a lot to learn, such as Grammar, Writing, Listening, and Speaking. However, students who can speak fluent English sometimes found difficulty communicating in English because of pronunciation. EC Los Angeles has the perfect class for students having trouble improving their pronunciation. Pronunciation Clinic This afternoon, EC Los Angeles had a class for students called “Pronunciation Clinic”. As the name of the class, this class is to improve students’ pronunciation. Students learn different topics about pronunciation in each class. This day, they learned about the pronunciation difference between Short oo and Long oo such as “Book and Food”, “Cook and Moon” Other contents that they learned during the class on the day was Rhyming words. They learned what “Rhyme” means and the words that rhyme. We have two different teachers teaching Pronunciation Clinic so students can pick their favorite teaching methods and topics that they would like to learn. Ask a Teacher Anything EC Los Angeles also offer student another free class called “Ask a Teacher Anything”. As the name explains itself, students can ask anything about their homework, questions about English, Where to go shopping, and etc.  This class will help students to get more help easily and get to know about the teacher more.   If you are looking for Courses of English in LA, EC will be the perfet school for you. EC Los Angeles offers you ESL classes and courses with level from beginner to proficiency as well as test preparation programs for Cambridge and IELTS exams. Click here to learn more about EC Los Angeles!

EC LA Class activity

Fun Class activity at the Beach

  Sometimes our teachers at EC Los Angeles like to take students outside of the classroom and exploration around our neighbor with them. Sometimes teachers go a small trip to the farmers market, beach and some other places. Since EC Los Angeles is 5 minutes walk to the beach, all of our students, teachers, and staff love to go there.     Learn and have fun at the same time On this day, one of our teachers invited his class to the beach. They studied English while they playing beach volleyball, and enjoying the nice warm weather.  Taking students out of the classroom helps students and teachers to get to know more about each other,  and to relax. Sometimes, students find difficult to speak English in their class because they are afraid of making mistakes, but this kind of class activity will help students to study English more frankly, and they can have fun talking to their classmates.   Check out our Students Ambassador, Hiro has to say about his class: “We went to Santa Monica beach to play beach volleyball because it was Friday! Happy Friday, yes. It was good experience because we could feel beautiful weather in LA with awesome classmates and great teacher!” -Student Ambassador, Hiro(Japan)-   Are you looking for English Schools in LA? Learn more about EC Los Angeles here, and contact us 🙂    

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“Jom reab suar”! (Hello in Khmer) On this post, we would like to explain about the rest of the events during Cambodia week. Wednesday was Crazy Hair Day and Fro-Yo Fundraiser day. Our special guest Ileana chose her top 3 favorite hairstyles! We would like to thank all of you who entertained us with their crazy hair.  It was fun seeing teachers giving a lecture to students with crazy hair 🙂     Fro-Yo Wednesday!!! We would like to appreciate Planet Smoothie/ Tasti D Lite for cooperation. Planet Smoothie/Tasti D Lite agreed to give 20% proceeds of our purchase to our schools in Cambodia    We finished Cambodia Week with our main event HOLLYWOOD PARTY!!!! We had some Cambodian food such as fried frog, and it seems like many students liked it. We also had an award ceremony, games, photo booth, and Raffle with Prizes. The grand prize was Ileana’s Hair Demo so a student who won the prize got her hair done by Ileana. Take a look at some cool pictures of Ileana and winners of the prize.     Do you want to Study English in LA  ?Check out EC Los Angeles here:)

Cambodia week


  Have you heard of an organization called  United World and schools(UWS)?   UWS is an organization that works in some of the world’s poorest regions to give every child access to free education. EC and UWS have succeeded to build schools in several countries such as Cambodia , Myanmar, and Nepal. EC also has a program to send staff to Cambodia once two years. This year, our very own staff Ashley, went to Cambodia as a member of this program and get to see EC Sponsored schools in Cambodia. Therefore, EC Los Angeles decided to host CAMBODIA WEEK  to raise funds for our 2 schools in Cambodia!     To kick off the week, Ashley gave a presentation about Cambodia.  She  shared her great experiences Cambodia and announced about our special guest Ileana Constantini, 3 time world champion hair stylist. She agreed to help us make Cambodia week special with her awesome talents:)       On Tuesday, we throw a bake sale!!  Thanks to all the students and teachers who brought their deserts, it was a huge success!         Check the next post to find out what happened in the second  half of a Cambodia week!     Find more about best  los angeles language schools  here:)            

Los Angeles Sunset

Student’s Experience at ECLA: “Every moment in LA is unforgettable!!!”

One of our past students from Japan, Shunsuke Tooyama, shared his great experience as an EC student. He started at the Elementary level, and ended in Advanced/Proficiency in less than 1 year – what an incredible accomplishment he was able to achieve!   What was your experience like when you first arrived in LA? How did things change throughout your time here? “I was so nervous and scared a little bit when I arrived in LA because I didn’t have any confidence in my English skills and couldn’t speak English well. For example, I couldn’t order what I wanted to eat in a restaurant. However, I was inspired by the students in EC who tried to talk with foreign people. As time went by, I had become to like speaking before I was aware of that. Eventually, I managed to move up to advance class!!!!!”   What led to your success? Any specific study habits or life skills? “I have a dream that is to be an English teacher in Japan. I tried not to forget it during my study abroad. I sometimes studied on my own after school or weekend. When I didn’t feel doing that, I usually hung out with my friends.”   What was your favorite thing about the EC teaching method? Your favorite thing about ECLA in general? “EC has 8 level classes. It’s very comfortable and important for students I think. In addition to it, EC has elective classes that we can choose what we want to study like grammar, vocabulary, talking, listening etc…. I really liked it. Furthermore, most of the students like the location of EC!!! “   What is your favorite memory of your time in LA? “I can’t choose. Every moment in LA is unforgettable!!! I mean I enjoyed every day. If I … Read more

Class Outing: Refugee Exhibition

A Unique Way to Learn The classes at EC are some of the best — unique, engaging, and inspirational. Check out this post by Student Ambassador, Yaël (Switzerland), where she explains a class outing that was both educational and moving! Exhibition “The classes at EC are always interesting and fun, especially the interactive lessons we have from time to time. Recently, we had a very special occasion which was more serious and also really moving. We went to an exhibition about refugees next to the Santa Monica Pier, hosted by Doctors Without Borders. The organisation offered residents a free 1h-tour to get an impression of what kind of procedure refugees have to go through when leaving their country. Gaining Perspective To get a feeling what it is like to be a refugee, they handed out cards to all of us, giving us new identities from different countries with hard conditions. After that, we had 30 seconds to grab some items we want to take with us on the flight. The tour was divided in several stations where they explained some aspects of the flight more detailed. E.g. while we were sitting on a real rubber boat they told us that smugglers put 60-80 humans on boats like that made for 8 people. Or that they sell expensive life jackets to the families which are in fact made of cardboard and work like an anchor once they’re soaked with water. We also learned more about the conditions in the camps and the different diseases which are likely to outbreak when the hygiene is insufficient. I personally was impressed by the simple system the doctors use to help malnourished children. With a paper wristband they identify the level of undernourishment. If the wristband can be tightened to the red zone, the child … Read more


Living Like the Locals In order to fully embrace the American culture while living in Los Angeles, it’s important to find an activity you enjoy where you can participate with the locals! Here, Student Ambassador Yilmaz (Turkey) explains how playing “streetball” (outdoor basketball) helped him to improve his English: The past few weeks, I was trying to find the best activity to help me understand and be a part of the American culture. Luckily, I just figured out an activity that I like, which also helps me to improve my English — streetball. I just went to a park which is only 5 minutes walking distance from the school. Actually, I’ve already played many times at this place. However, I recently decided to start doing this regularly because after 2 months of being in Los Angeles, you feel like you should act more like a resident and less like a tourist. Learning English Along the Way I remember my first time playing streetball. Although I’m in a high level class in school, I couldn’t catch most of the things they were saying during my first game with them. They were speaking very quickly, and they weren’t saying some letters in their words. But, after some time, I got used to it. Their arguments about the game decisions, their overreactions to a simple block or point (to pump themselves up), their slang, idioms, etc… I really like hearing all of this on the court. By playing streetball in LA, I am able to learn some unique English phrases, make friends who are very cool, and meet with guys that I expected to meet while dreaming about my future US experience — all while doing the sport that I like most. I advise everyone to do things they like, where they have … Read more

Places to Go: Melrose Ave.

Famous Streets There are so many vibrant, artistic, and unique streets to visit in Los Angeles: Hollywood Blvd., Abbot Kinney, 3rd Street in Santa Monica, and many more. Among these famous places to visit, we have Melrose Ave. Here, Student Ambassador Kim (Switzerland), tells us all about Melrose! My Experience on Melrose Today I’m going to share my experience on Melrose Avenue. It is a very fancy avenue with a lot of different places to take pictures. I went there twice during the weekend and it was not crowded. You can eat good food in some cute little restaurants. It is maybe a little bit more expensive that other places, but still reasonable. Instagram Tour I had a lot of fun taking pictures with all of the famous walls: Paul Smith’s Pink Wall, Made in LA Wall, and one of the very famous Wings Walls. It’s pretty cool to take pictures there for your Instagram 😀 Let’s have more followers!! Famous People You can also go to the Vintage market street — you have to pay $5 to enter, but it’s a very nice experience and if you are lucky, you can maybe even see some famous people. Actually, when I went there I saw Jaden Smith — it was so exciting!! I advise you guys to go there and to have enough room on your cellphone to take pictures!! I hope you will like it as much as I did. — Kim, Student Ambassador (Switzerland) Find out more about General English Course in Los Angeles Post Edited By: Ashley Lee

San Diego – One of the Most Beautiful Cities to Visit!

One of the best things about living in Los Angeles is that there are so many beautiful cities nearby — San Diego, Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Las Vegas… and all just a train ride away! Here, Student Ambassador Jacqi (Germany) shares her San Diego experience with us! “In the United States there is an incredibly high number of places that you have to go. Aside from the famous places like Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Las Vegas and San Francisco there is San Diego. San Diego is a wonderful place where you can easily spend your whole weekend. In general, the atmosphere in San Diego is more relaxed than in Los Angeles. If you are interested in going to San Diego I would strongly recommend that you use the Amtrak train. The Amtrak goes directly from the Union Station in Los Angeles to Santa Fe in San Diego. One-way costs $37 and while you are on your way there, you will have a beautiful view of the ocean and the beach. Must Do’s Sightseeing – Nature First of all, I want to advise you to go to the Goldfishpoint at La Jolla. In La Jolla you can see many sea-lions who lay down at the beach and enjoy the sun. Taking a picture with them is really easy because you can go pretty close towards them. However, you should be aware of the fact that they are still wild animals that can get aggressive if they feel disturbed in their natural environment. If you prefer another calmer place to relax, I recommend that you go to Balboa Park. Balboa Park is the biggest public park in San Diego where there are many green areas and a lot of museums. If you like relaxing at the beach more, you can go to … Read more