Study English in Malta at… EC MALTA

The ideal place to improve your English is to study English in Malta. English is taught by highly-qualified tutors who by far exceed your expectations. Malta is the ideal destination to improve your Business English and English for Work. The specially designed courses are tailored to meet your expec … Read more

EC MALTA Alumni Corner: Romeo Lefebvre from France

I spent 6 weeks at EC Malta School and there are six weeks that I will never forget. The atmosphere is warm, I met lots of people from many differents countries. The teachers were really great, fun and available. I really improved my English and it helps me today in my work and the different trips I … Read more

Junior Courses at EC Malta in Autumn & Winter

Autumn with its warm sunny days and slightly cooler evenings is Malta at its best. October has an average temperature of 25 degree Celsius, so this time of year is ideal for sightseeing. The countryside around Malta becomes more lush and green after the first rains but people still venture down to t … Read more

Tips from The EC Malta Library: HOW TO BE A BETTER READER!

By: Kirsten Auerbach Students often take a long time to do their work because they read everything slowly and carefully. Often, however, one of the following speed reading methods will be the best choice: Skimming – this is reading a text quickly to find out what information it contains. You s … Read more