A student testimonial of the week – “EC language school did a great job!” Kimberly Van den Elsen

“EC langage school did a great job putting me in the right level. The lessons are really great and help me understand the grammar better! Also, the accommodation at 515 residence suits me perfectly becuase it is in the middle of the cetre and within walking distance of the school!” -Kimberly Van den Elsen-

Festival international Montréal en arts

  From June 27 to July 1, 2012, the Festival International Montréal en Arts is organising an interactive, accessible and of course festive edition! Now in its 13th edition, this festival stretches over one kilometer with the Boulev’Art featuring 85 artists, exhibitors and performers. This year, the main word is diversity: diversity of exhibitors, forms of art and visitors. The Boulev’Art will settle into Ste-Catherine Est St. which is a pedestrian mall during the summer season, between St-Hubert St. and Papineau St. More than 80 professional and emerging artists from visual art to crafts will exhibit their creations in a giant open air gallery.   Facts you may want to know:   When: June 27 – July 1 Price: Free Where: Ste. Catherine St. between St. Hubert St. and Papineau St.   Go out and enjoy the summer on the Montreal’s downtown streets!

Welcome New Students!

A warm welcome to our new EC Montreal students from Switzerland, Peru, Spain, Brazil, Germany, Czech Republic, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Bangladesh, Chile and Colombia!!  We hope your Montreal adventure is out of this world!!

July – Jazz, Jams & Just for Laughs!!

The free activites at EC Montreal in July have a theme – all start with the letter “J”!  Jazz – Montreal hosts the biggest Jazz festival in the world – measured by the Guiness book of world records.  We will transform our student lounge into a Jazz lounge on July 4.  Students can listen to the delicous sounds of Jazz while sipping an EC inspired martini!  Can you guess what colour the martini will be?! On July 18 – our taste of Montreal food activity will celebrate the strawberry!  You may ask why the strawberry?  Quebec is famous for its strawberry fields!  Going strawberry picking with your family or as a corporate team building activity is very popular!  We will be serving all different types of drinks and foods that have one main ingredient in common – the juicy strawberry! Later on in July, we will celebrate Montreal’s very famous Just for Laughs festival!  We will play funny clips and enourage the most wonderful and therapeutic activity called LAUGHTER! If you are lucky enough to be in Montreal in July – we hope you will enjoy all the savours and flavours of our spectacular city!

What is Poutine?!!

Poutine is a mix of french fries, gravy and cheese that has become, along with Smoked Meat and Bagels, one of the dishes most closely associated with Montreal. As such, the notion of who invented it and where you’ll find the city’s best version is still up for debate… An authentic Québécois poutine contains french fries, sauce (gravy is the most common, but everything from BBQ to veloutés are used) and cheddar cheese curds (which are the solid dairy product produced when milk is curdled). These are perhaps the only incontrovertible facts about this devilishly heavenly dish. Several small towns in Quebec claim to have invented the dish in the late 1950s, most notably Drummondville and Warwick, and its name is said to derive from the initial inventor who proclaimed that “ça va faire une maudite poutine” (“it will make a damn mess”).   Being a city that loves its cuisine, both of the high and low variety, there is no end to the new variations that Montreal chefs have dreampt up. Perhaps the city’s most famous high-end poutine is the one built with duck fat fries and topped with foie gras from Chef Martin Picard’s much-beloved Au Pied du Cochon. Another superstar of the Montreal poutine world is the lobster poutine that helped Chuck Hughes of Garde Manger win his turn on Iron Chef. A visit to Montreal would not be complete without trying this mess of a dish!  It is absolutely delicious!! – beware – it is not figure friendly in the least!  

Staff Teambuilding Activity

Teachers and staff at EC Montreal had an amazing Friday afternoon!  We had a teambuilding activity!!  It was great fun!!  We watched the Greece – Germany Euro cup game, played pool and bowled.  Elisa Gazzola, our Operations Manager, was the big winner on one team and Ben Wilner, our Assistant Teen Coordinator was the other winner!! It was a lovely way to end the week in a non-work environment!  The long weekend awaits us with an extra kick in our step!!  🙂 We all look forward to our next teambuilding activity!!  We love our EC Montreal team!!  🙂      

Just Around the Corner – The Montreal Jazz Festival!

Ranked as the world’s largest jazz festival by Guinness World Records, the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal has been synonymous with a passion for music for over three decades. Every year, North America’s French-speaking metropolis welcomes global music fans to 10 days of jazzcentric celebration, where fans of all types of jazz-related music rub shoulders with aficionados of the genre in its purest form. The Festival hosts some 30 countries, 3,000 musicians and public entertainers, 1,000 concerts and activities—two-thirds of them free – in 15 concert halls and on 8 outdoor stages, welcoming more than 2 million visitors to the city, from noon to midnight! And it all happens on a unique site designed to meet festivalgoers’ every need, in the heart of Montreal’s downtown core, in an area off-limits to car traffic! There’s no doubt – Montreal is the heartbeat of Planet Jazz!    

Montreal Image of the Day – Lafontaine Park!

Lafontaine Park is Plateau Mont-Royal’s biggest park. A 40-hectare gem of traditional park landscaping, it includes two linked ponds with a fountain and waterfalls, the Théâtre de Verdure open-air venue that offers a summertime program of dance and other shows, the Centre culturel Calixa-Lavallée, soccer and baseball fields, pétanque, a dog park, picnic areas and playgrounds, wading pools, several pieces of memorial statuary and many trees including numerous imposingly huge poplars.