A different French lesson at EC Montreal language school

Zahia, one of our French teachers took her group of students to an different type of French lessons: a discovety of art through a paintings exhibition at the Museé des Beaux-Arts de Montréal! It was an interesting class for the students because they could practise their newly acquired or consolidate … Read more

Student Review: Ramiro Pinas Barba from Spain

Check out what Ramiro Pinas Barba from Spain had to say about his experience at EC Montreal! The first week here is not easy for anybody because you change your place where you usually live and you have to know new people without know very well the language; however this school has helped me to impr … Read more

EC Montreal goes Green!

Green was the colour of the day!!  We held our weekly free social activity today and boy was it a hit!  EC Montreal knows how to get their students together!  We give them every opportunity possible to mix, mingle and get to know one another!  Today’s activity was St. Patrick’s Day festi … Read more

Discovering cultures through our French class at EC Montreal French & English language school

  by Amabilly Bonacina, EC Montréal student ambassador, Have you ever thought about get to know new cultures?  EC Montreal French & English language school in Montréal could be the ideal place for that! I mean not just the people, because we have here in Montréal,  lots of new students with … Read more

EC Montreal Celebrates St. Patrick’s Day!

Montreal’s St Patrick’s Day celebrations take it up a notch this year as the annual parade and general shenanigans happen to coincide with the real St-Pats this Sunday, March 17. We hope our EC Montreal students will get inspired to get in on all the excitement – some of it will be tame, some of it … Read more

EC Montreal Celebrates International Women’s Day!

Today was a very special day at our EC Language School in Montreal!  We celebrated International Women’s Day!  A day to honour the strength, intelligence, beauty and determination of women!  EC Montreal is blessed to have amazing women as teachers, staff members and students. We encouraged the … Read more