Two for One at EC Montreal!

At EC Montreal students have the opportunity to learn two languages for the price of one!  We offer bilingual programmes!  Students can learn both English and French simultaneously! There are so many possibilities.  Students can take their core classes in English and elective afternoon classes in Fr … Read more

EC Montreal Offers Private Lessons in English!

EC Montreal offers an array of courses which include English, French, bilingual and junior programmes.  For those students who have specific needs or need to focus on a particular set of skills, EC Montreal recommends one-to-one English lessons in Montreal. EC Montreal will assign an instructor to y … Read more

EC Montreal Enjoys the Annual Port Symphonies!

Every Sunday, annually in March, EC Montreal students have an opportunity to experience something spectacular and really different!  The Port Symphonies are a true Montréal tradition.  They offer unique outdoor concerts to crowds of people! Each year, a composer is called upon to create musical comp … Read more

EC Montreal Visits La Cabane a Sucre!

Yesterday, EC Montreal students visited a local Sugar Shack in the Quebec region. We toured a maple farm and learned how maple syrup is made.  Our guide went into the details of the history of maple syrup, dating back to the Native Canadian Indians who used the water from the trees as drinking water … Read more

Herzing College Presentation at EC Montreal!

Last Friday, the director of admissions, Tony Lomanto, gave a presentation to EC Montreal students. The presentation included a history of Herzing College and pointed out how they are recognized by the Ministry of Education and graduates can obtain a DEC, Diploma of Collegiate Studies and a DEP, Dip … Read more

Sugar Shack Season at EC Montreal!

A sugar shack, known as a Cabane a Sucre in French, is a cabin found in a maple farm in Quebec.  Quebec has many maple farms where it produces maple syrup.  Quebec produces 80% of the world’s maple syrup.  It is a very big industry in our province. In March, as the weather starts to get a litt … Read more

Irish for a Day at EC Montreal!

EC Montreal staff and students were Irish for a Day!  With the large Irish community in Montreal, St. Patrick’s Day celebrates are always something to look forward to in this city!  EC Montreal likes to give our students a taste of all the festivities that Montreal has to offer and then we enc … Read more

Great Learning & Homestay Experiences Combined!

The following is such a beautiful story about the wonderful bond that Carmela and Barbara developed with EC Montreal that I simply have to share it with you: Barbara is studying French and English at EC Montreal. She is from Brazil and she will be here until June 2014. She is being hosted by one of … Read more

April is Gastronomy Month at EC Montreal!

Did you know that April is Gastronomy month at EC Montreal?  We are so excited to introduce our students to all the savours and flavours of Montreal! When choosing a plus programme for EC Montreal, Gastronomy was the obvious choice!  Second to New York City, Montreal has the most restaurants per cap … Read more

Free Pronunciation Clinics at EC Montreal!

Do you want to focus on your pronunciation in English or French? Come participate in our pronunciation clinics! On Friday, March 21, EC students have the chance to work with one of our teachers on their French pronunciation. This special lesson on Friday afternoon  is one of many free activities off … Read more