Scary Movie at EC Montreal!

scary movie

EC Montreal held its last Haunted Oktoberfest themed activity yesterday.  As it is Halloween week, we thought it would be fun to watch a horror movie together!  We wanted to get everyone into the Halloween spirit!  We are encouraging our students to dress up in costumes on Friday and participate in our Halloween party and costume competition!

We dimmed the lights, lit candles, popped some popcorn and hit play!  The movie was The Conjuring.  It is based on a true story about demon possession.  It is absolutely terrifying!

The student lounge was packed with students!  We don’t know how they stayed in their seats!  We could hear the sounds of the movie from the office and it was incredibly scary!

We had a chance to speak to the students after the movie ended and they all said how much they enjoyed the movie.  They said that although the movie was really scary, it was well made and had a very good story line.

The Halloween fun will continue until the end of the week!  EC Montreal loves Halloween!