“Fall” in Love with Autumn!

This is the first week of Autumn.  Although many are saddened to say farewell to our hot, festive summer season, many are excited to welcome autumn.  Personally, it is my favorite season!  The leaves start to change colours.  They are bursting in hues of orange, red, gold and yellow!  It is definitely the most beautiful season!

The air is crisp but we get many sunny days.  We look forward to taking walks through parks to purposely step on the fallen leaves.  Many stop to pick the most beautiful and colourful maple leaves while others find joy in jumping into piles of leaves!

Many shops already have their Halloween decorations up and display their different shaped pumpkins.  The fruit markets have towers of pumpkins on display.

Many coffee shops will advertise their seasonal pumpkin spice lattes.  It is still warm enough to enjoy the restaurant patios and soaking up the last comfortable days outside.

At EC Montreal, we have so many wonderful activities planned for our students.  We want them to “fall” in love with this special time of year.  There will be outings to Old Montreal, pub nights, hockey parties, welcome dinners and shopping trips.

We also hope you will have opportunities to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving with your homestay hosts or with your friends.  EC Montreal will host its annual tree of gratitude activity when you will all have a chance to write down what you are most thankful for.  It is one of our favorite activities that is a real “feel good” moment.  We look forward to reading all your comments that will be displayed on our tree of gratitude!

We invite all of you to join us at EC to learn English or French in Montreal and “fall” in love with autumn!