Building Bridges, Changing Lives!

We know you come to EC  for the English, and teaching you English is our number 1 priority.  Of course, it doesn’t hurt to learn a couple of other things while you’re here. And what’s more is that no one ever said that learning something new had to be a dull experience. Like bridge … Read more

Everything You Need to Know about: Writing Tests

Of all the skills, being able to write in a second language is for many, the single most difficult skill to perfect. Even non-native speakers who have achieved a high degree of fluency can still find writing extremely difficult. As well as being a very difficult skill to master, writing becomes hard … Read more

Everything You Need to Know about: Listening Tests!

For many students, the listening part of the level test is often the most challenging as it requires students to activate not just their listening skills, but also their thinking and writing skills. With lots of things happening all at once, many students can become very overwhelmed, very quickly. P … Read more

Free Photoshop Workshop Tonight

Join us tonight for a free photoshop workshop tonight at at EC New York.  Learn how to turn your travel pics into beautiful works of art! Learn about: Layers, photoshop tools, and principles of composition. You don’t need to bring your computer, but you can if you’d like! Meet at 6pm at … Read more

Tips and Tricks for Speaking Tests

  The speaking portion of the level test is often the one found most intimidating by many students. For starters, the setting itself is very unnatural. Speaking tests are most often 1 on 1, with the student and teacher. Also, the interview-style format is stressful. Many students who feel they … Read more

Goodbye Friends!

Every Friday is Graduation Day at EC New York, and this last week was a sad one! We’re going to miss everyone who left, but hopefully, this song from Tsuyoshi will ease your grief! Goodbye Eiji, we’ll miss you!

Activities at EC New York

We know that your first priority is the language.  But there is so much else in New York city that it would be a shame to neglect all the other great stuff to do while you’re here! Each month we produce a complete calendar of activities, from visits to nearby museums to paintball, and even tri … Read more

AY Lecture Series – British and American Comedy

This months AY lecture looks at the topic of comedy and will serve to expand and develop students knowledge of the various ways humour (Humor) is conveyed using the English language. Following a general overview of some of the characteristics of British humour, the lecture will then briefly review i … Read more