Cherry Blossom Festival at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

  Not that you need any more ideas for outdoor activities, now that the spring is here and New York City is whirring back to life, but something you absolutely wont want to miss this season is the Cherry Blossom Festival at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. The gardens hundreds of trees completel … Read more

Take a Walk on the Wild Side!

Hey, we all love living in the city.  That’s not the question.  But even the most hardened New Yorker sometimes feels the need to get out of it for a while.  Sometimes you just need to see a few trees, feel a fresh wind on your face, and check out a view that doesn’t feature skyscrapers … Read more

When in New York, you can…

Visit the American Museum of Natural History or the Metropolitan Museum of Art if you’re in the mood for some culture…  On the Upper West Side of Manhattan, right across the street from Central Park, sits the American Museum of Natural History (also known as AMNH) with its 25 buildings housing 46 pe … Read more

EC Domination!

On Friday last week, a group of 20 EC students went to Indoor Extreme Sports for a game of laser tag.Everyone had a great time.  The group was divided into two teams; a red team and a blue team.  Then we were armed with (eerily realistic looking) weapons.  The arena  was a large, indoor course, fill … Read more

Things to do in New York City

If you’re feeling bored this week, or else you just feel like participating in some activities and meeting some new people, then why don’ty you consider joining us tomorrow for a game of laser tag or coming on a hike with us on Saturday morning? Laser tag is a safe and fun game played wi … Read more

Tomatoes: Fruit or Vegetable?

Tomatoes: they’re juicy, but not sweet.  They have seeds like most other fruits, but they would feel out of place in a parfait.  The debate over whether this popular plant food is a fruit or vegetable is one that has gone on for decades.  So, once and for all, just what exactly is a tomato? As … Read more

Spring Time in New York City

After a VERY long winter, the weather is finally lightening up in the Eastern United States.  For many of us, that means we just can’t wait to get outside to walk, to run, and to revel in the glorious sunshine. We put away our boots and parkas, and look forward to all the outdoor activities th … Read more