Jay-Z at EC!

Check this out: EC’s very own paparazzi photographer, Avner Martins, got Jay Z on vido leaving OUR BUILDING! It’s an empire state of mind!  

What is Times Square, anyway?

Today, Times Square is  world famous for its towering billboards and multi-million watt advertisements, which light up the street 24 hours a day in bright neon.  It is the the ultimate New York City scene, with dozens of theaters, restaurants and shops, and it draws millions of tourists each year fr … Read more

Meet Helen Cahill

Helen Cahill is the AY Coordinator at EC New York, and also the director of our new Classic Nyack Youth Program. She’s also a charming individual and a mean cook! The AY program at EC English schools is for students who study at EC for 24 weeks or more. Taking the time to seriously focus on yo … Read more

It’s All English to Me!

You’re here to study English, but whose? Most people know that there are substantial differences in pronunciation between British English and American English, but did you also know that there are real differences in vocabulary as well? Here are 5 common words items that are called different t … Read more

Arts and Crafts Fair

Are you looking for some perfect souvenirs to bring home for your friends and family? Join us at EC New York at 3pm for our first Arts Fair! Adreana will be on site, ready to outfit you with some of the most delightful bangles you’ve ever seen!

What to Do When the Weather Is Bad

So you may or may not have noticed that Spring in New York, while bringing many blessings, also comes with lots and lots of rain. But fear not! Your trip to New York is not ruined by a little water! New York is a city that has been built around water, in the middle of two large rivers. So here are j … Read more

Smart Boards!

They’re finally here: 17 shiny, new smart boards from Hitachi! Smart boards enable the teacher to write and draw, just like on a traditional board, but they also allow you to search the internet, play various media, and do just about anything else that you usually do with a computer. Well, alm … Read more

How do you get to the Highline? Just ask Upper Int IIB!

Has anyone ever asked you for directions?  If so, were you able to provide accurate directions?  You might say most people have a Smartphone and therefore would not need to ask for directions.  Well, let’s assume their handy Smartphone is not on hand.   Would you be able to give the stranger clear a … Read more

Volunteer Day at EC New York

New York isn’t just some city where EC English has a school; this city is our home.  That’s why when we heard about the Million Trees NYC project, we were eager to volunteer. The event took place at Idlewild Park, a section of marshland and reclaimed landfill out near JFK Airport in Queens. Our 12 v … Read more

WiFi comes to the MTA

It looks like some of the stations in New York’s public MTA system are finally getting free WiFi service, provided by corporate sponsor, Boingo.  Earlier this week the Transit Authority rolled out the first phase of their effort to provide WiFi access at high-traffic stations, city-wide. Our home st … Read more