English Private Lessons in New York: Is it right for me?

With all the options of English courses that EC New York has to offer, it can be difficult to know which course to take. Private lessons may be another available option that can make the decision a bit more confusing. If you’re having difficulty deciding which type of course you should take at EC New York, Inc., please read on to find out the reasons why you should register for English Private Lessons in New York. You prefer to study alone. This may sound like a no-brainer, but it’s very important to know that much of your studying and practice will be alone. Of course you will have the guidance of a teacher, but there will be no other students to share ideas with or learn from. This is an important part of a class dynamic that you lose when taking individual private lessons. On the other hand, you will get the undivided attention of a single instructor who can assess your language needs and help you improve. Additionally, if you are a visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learner, the teacher can design lessons that will maximize these strengths. You want to have an intensive learning experience. In private lessons, the class schedule and pacing are dependent on you as the individual learner. This way, time can be spent focusing on your weakest areas and avoiding areas you are strong in. Additionally, because you are not in a class atmosphere, you do not have to feel rushed if you need to spend extra time on a particular area or feel that the course is going to slow if you are mastering a particular idea. This way you can feel extremely challenged in a short period of time. You have specific linguistic needs. Do you need to use English in a work … Read more

5 Cool Things to do in NYC for FREE

By Austin Yang As you probably know by now, New York City isn’t cheap! Whether it is buying a ticket to a Broadway show or paying money to take a picture with a Disney character, these expenses can sure add up. But you can still have fun and try out cool new things for the price of…… ZERO dollars! Yes, you read it correctly. There are events, art galleries, parks, and more! Here are the Top 5 FREE fun things to do in NYC: 1) Central Park With spring coming, why not take advantage of the beautiful weather and experience Manhattan’s illustrious urban park. At this time of the year, Central Park has many free events and gorgeous scenic views from all corners. There are also many statues that are fixtures there along with the rest of the landscape. I highly recommend this place to those of you who enjoy spending time outdoors and basking in the warm sunlight. 2) Chelsea Galleries The Chelsea district offers fine art galleries that are open to the public year round. Some of the more recognized galleries include Petzel Gallery (456 W. 18th st), Hauser & Wirth (511 W. 18th st), David Zwirner (519, 525 and 533 W. 19th st), and Barbara Gladstone (515 W. 24th st) Be sure to check it out if you’re a fan of contemporary art or just have a taste for fine art! Afterwards, you can practice discussing art at your English private lessons in New York! 3) Governor’s Island (Opens to the public in May 2014) Did you know the ferry to Gov. Island is free? Every summer you have access to the ferry via route of either Brooklyn or Manhattan, whichever port happens to be closest to you. The island was actually a military outpost at one … Read more