June Calendar of Activities

Students who study English at EC San Diego enjoy the various activities we have planned for them. Check out our June calendar of activities and sign up for exciting trips to Sea World, San Diego Zoo and many other places. Pick up your copy at the front desk. Have fun!

Study Without Borders

  Here’s a picture of Ching-Wen Huang and our AY Coordinator, Daniel. During her time as a student at EC San Diego. She kept a blog of her experiences. For any Chinese students wishing to study at EC San Diego, feel free to read about her time here: http://studywithoutborders.wordpress.com/category/學校介紹/美國學校/ec-美國學校/    

Birthdays at EC San Diego

EC SAN DIEGO would like to wish a happy birthday to the following students: Abdulkarim A. Adel A. Aiman A. Anjo Bruna Christopher W. Corina Edith Fahad A. Ghali Gonzalo Jeongmi Jeremy Jihyun Jiwon Maiko Manuel Marina Mathias Moad A. Mohammed Aldo. Mohammed Als. Naif Olivia Saleh Samara Sarah Seiya Seonhyo Severina Stefan Vanessa Werner … Read more