Want An Amazing Experience Learning English in the US? Look No Further Than EC San Diego!!

EC San Diego teaches English to students from all over the world. As an English-only language program, ECSD excels in creating a nurturing and comfortable environment for students starting English as a Second Language on any level! Take it from a credible source – Shuichiro Narumi, an EC San Diego student, whose experience at ECSD … Read more

Meet EC San Diego’s New Academic Intern Andrew!!!

This is Andrew, EC San Diego’s new Academic Intern!! Andrew began working in the Academic department at ECSD earlier this month, but has also tutored ECSD’s self-study since February of this year. Andrew loves working at EC San Diego – he particularly enjoys the fun, friendly atmosphere and the enthusiasm of staff and students to … Read more

Learn To Improve Your English Language Skills From EC San Diego Student Bandar, Expert In Learning English!!

Ever wonder how exactly students can learn English quickly and with marked improvement? This week at EC San Diego, student Bandar Alkhdafi gave a presentation to Beginner and Intermediate ECSD students for the weekly Academic Year lecture. Bandar is currently finishing up his academic year at EC San Diego, and decided that his experience learning … Read more

EC San Diego Gets Technical – Meet ECSD’s Incredible IT Specialist Marsha!!

Learn English with every resource at your fingertips! Meet EC San Diego’s Feature Staff Member of the Month: Marsha Pool!! Marsha has worked at ECSD for five years as the center’s IT Applications Support – she is the reason ECSD students have unlimited access to Wifi and the ability to use school computers to do … Read more

EC San Diego Knows Where to Go to Enjoy the Best of the California Coastline! Check Out These Beaches While Learning English at ECSD!!

EC San Diego is located in beautiful La Jolla, CA, one of the only places in the country that could be deemed a true “riviera”. While studying English at ECSD, students often want to know where to go to find the best Southern California beaches in the area. Whether you are searching for a pristine … Read more

“Food, Glorious Food!!” EC San Diego Students Cook Up A Storm For ESL Class

         ECSD ESL Class Feasting With Fun, Food, and Friends! EC San Diego isn’t just a place to learn English – it’s a place to experience different cultures, traditions, and people. Last week an ECSD Low Intermediate ESL Class decided to really dig in to their subject – with FOOD! Following a … Read more

Learn English AND Learn To Surf? Way, Dude! EC San Diego Gets Radical With the Waves!

What comes to mind when you think of Sunny San Diego, CA?  Why, the beach of course! Here at EC San Diego, students and staff alike enjoy the stunning beauty of La Jolla and the laid-back California vibe all at once! Students at ECSD can get the best that Southern California has to offer, and … Read more

EC San Diego May Birthdays! Time for Cupcakes!!

Make A Wish! Happy Birthday to all EC San Diego students born in the month of May!! Abdullah Mohammed Abdullah Nasser Abdulrahman Mohammed Ahmed Eid Angelina Bruno S. Bruno C. Carla Celine B. Celine C. Dagvasuren Damian Desiree Dino Dongkue Eid Mohammed Fahad Mashal Fahad S. Faisal Muwaffaq Francisca Grace Helene Hyejung Ibrahim Nasser Jungtaek … Read more