New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time of year again to choose something to focus on changing in the New Year. Take a look at what the EC San Diego Staff have chosen as their New Year’s resolutions: Izzy wants to read a book a week and join a synchronized swimming team Tyler wants to improve his posture Heather … Read more

EC San Diego Holidays!

Last week EC San Diego hosted an awesome holiday party at school! Students took a break from their English classes in San Diego to celebrate with staff and teachers in the EC student lounge. Students and staff brought delicious dishes and treats to share with everyone at the potluck, and also enjoye … Read more

Day of the Dead

Dia de los Muertos is celebrated every year on November 1st all over the world, especially throughout Latin America.  With such a strong Mexican influence in San Diego, Dia de los Muertos is a strongly celebrated holiday throughout the city.  On this day family and friends honor the dead with food, … Read more

EC San Diego Student Testimonial-Pia

Read below to find out about Chilean student Pia and her experience learning English at EC San Diego for the past six months! I chose San Diego because my father told me that it was a beautiful place and thought it would be the best place for me because it is a good fit for my personality.  He made … Read more

EC San Diego Student Testimonial-Bianca and Luis

Bianca and Luis from Venezuela talk about their experience studying English in the USA! We chose San Diego because of the weather, it’s very similar to Venezuela and because there are a lot of beaches nearby.  We have both improved our vocabulary and our speaking skills and have lost the fear that w … Read more