EC Earth Week

EC San Francisco Walks the Walk

San Francisco is a city known for its organic food fare, liberal politics and progressive policies in place for sustainability and environmental conservation.  This week ECSF students showed their earth friendly pride by living and breathing a week’s worth of Earth Day activities.  Some of these inc … Read more

EC San Francisco English Students Making A Difference As Global Citizens

Hi students and readers, It’s been another great week at EC San Francisco and we had to say goodbye to many awesome students. There were also a number of great activities, one of which was the EC San Francisco Global Citizen Program’s inaugural visit to the Sequoias San Francisco, a local retirement … Read more

Peace out, Misa!

  It was another incredible week at EC San Francisco and we had to say goodbye to many wonderful, long time, and not so long time students. While there are too many to name in this blog, I will make a very special shout out to Misa, a great member of our school who has become an integral part of our … Read more

Big Changes at EC San Francisco

With deep regret, EC San Francisco says goodbye to our long-term Academic Director, Sara Buckingham Proctor.  Sara dedicated her energy to helping accomplish the transformation of EC San Francisco into the dynamic, student-centered language school that it now is.  Under her skilled and compassionate … Read more

A Big Day for EC San Francisco!

We are a young school, just a few weeks over 3 years old.  We started with our Center Director, Cindy (who is still with us), one support staffer, two part-time teachers, and a handful of students.  So it’s a big deal for us that this week, for the first time, we topped 200 students taking cla … Read more