EC Earth Week

EC San Francisco Walks the Walk

San Francisco is a city known for its organic food fare, liberal politics and progressive policies in place for sustainability and environmental conservation.  This week ECSF students showed their earth friendly pride by living and breathing a week’s worth of Earth Day activities.  Some of these included a Food Drive in which students donated cans of food to a local shelter, a “paperless Wednesday” where teachers were encouraged to deliver classes that did not rely on photocopying, some staff members agreed to live below the poverty line of $1.50 per day and finally, the week culminated in a Service Day Beach Clean-up involving staff and students alike who all volunteered a Saturday morning to give back to the community of San Francisco. We are proud of our students and staff’s dedication to living green and contributing to this week long of environmental awareness.  Efforts and sacrifices were greatly appreciated and hopefully a greater sense of environmental awareness was achieved! You can learn about the earth when you study ESL San Francisco.

Meet Our Student Ambassador Team

  EC San Francisco is extremely lucky to have these 5 amazing students becoming our student ambassadors. Studying abroad isn’t only about studying English everyday and socializing with friends, it can also involve becoming fun and effective leaders and improving the atmosphere of the school. This fantastic team has already begun to organize social activities and spread the word across the school. Let’s get personal with each member of the team. Also, if you see the ambassadors around the school, be sure to give them a pat on the back. We are all benefiting from their hard work and dedication.  My name is Elvira and I am a 25 years old girl from Catalunya, Spain. I have been living in the U.S. for 2 years and studying in EC San Francisco for the last 4 months. I love to explore the city and also travel around the area. My favorite thing in the world is to do something I have never done before, so I am all the time seeking new adventures. I am friendly and open-minded; you can count on me for anything and join me in my adventures. I’m Eduardo and I’m 19 years old. I’m from Brazil. No, I don’t know how to play soccer neither dance “samba”. Anyway, I’m friendly and loving like all my fellow Brazilians. I’m addicted to coffee, drinks, friends and traveling. If you have any questions or problems be sure to ask me, and if I don’t know how to help you, I’ll find someone else to do it. My name is Fehime Garan. I came from Istanbul, Turkey. I’ve been studying English for two months. I’ll be here more four months. I graduated from Istanbul university, faculty of Business Administration. I’ve been working 12 years and my proficiency is sales, retail, … Read more

EC San Francisco English Students Making A Difference As Global Citizens

Hi students and readers, It’s been another great week at EC San Francisco and we had to say goodbye to many awesome students. There were also a number of great activities, one of which was the EC San Francisco Global Citizen Program’s inaugural visit to the Sequoias San Francisco, a local retirement community located near Japantown. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Global Citizen, it is EC’s community service elective class that offers students the chance to interact with Americans in an engaging setting outside the EC San Francisco campus. It’s a project based class that offers students a chance to give back to our community and talk to English speakers in ways that aren’t really possible in our other elective classes. Our most recent visit to Sequoias saw the students teach the residents key words and phrases in their native languages of Spanish, Korean, and Japanese. They also discussed their life experiences and, as a teacher, I must say it was immeasurably rewarding to see both the students and residents laugh and share personal stories. While many of our students visit San Francisco’s trendy locales that are frequented by twenty-somethings, they don’t often get a chance to spend time with seniors. This program gives them the chance to do just that and learn from individuals who have a wealth of knowledge to share. For any students interested in joining Global Citizen, I strongly encourage you to do so. You’ll put your new found language skills to good use and make memories that’ll stick with you for many years to come. Teacher Tim  

Peace out, Misa!

  It was another incredible week at EC San Francisco and we had to say goodbye to many wonderful, long time, and not so long time students. While there are too many to name in this blog, I will make a very special shout out to Misa, a great member of our school who has become an integral part of our school’s identity. Misa has been at our school for almost a year now and has filled a variety of roles including those of a student, student ambassador, and a volunteer working our administrative desk at the front of the school. While she was a great student, she especially excelled as a student ambassador and helped to foster a sense of family and camaraderie among the students in ways that were truly special. Unsurprisingly, Misa set a new standard for excellence when she became a volunteer and managed the front desk with another EC San Francisco all-star, Kanami. Misa and Kanami have been on the frontlines of our school and provided an immeasurable amount of support to students and staff alike. Misa, it is with great sadness and optimism that all of us at EC San Francisco bid you farewell and much success in your next adventure. You will always have a home and family in your City by the Bay. Peace out, Misa! Your EC San Francisco family

A Nightmare in Market Street Classroom

Hi ECSF students and blog readers, It’s another frightfully fun Halloween at ECSF and the festivities have been in full swing. The school halls are filled with vampires, crazed killers, and even a drag queen or two! After all, this is San Francisco. The Intermediate level class in Market Street classroom was especially lively today. Students from all over the world came together and shared traditional scary stories from their home countries. This was great as it served as another opportunity for our students to bond, learn about other cultures, and experience Halloween in America at its best. While students took advantage of the event to gorge themselves on popcorn and candy, they also worked on their language skills by watching a scary movie while carving our class pumpkin for the school’s pumpkin carving contest. The big event of the day will be the costume contest and pumpkin carving contest at the end of the school day, both of which will include prizes and best of all, bragging rights! Be sure to check back at see which classes and students won. Teacher Tim  

Halloween is Coming!

Hi ECSF students and readers, As most of you are probably aware Halloween is quickly approaching and if it’s anything like last year, the halls of ECSF will be filled with goblins, zombies, vampires, and many more creepy creatures. In my humble opinion, Halloween is the greatest holiday of the year. It’s a night full of fear, excitement, and camaraderie. There is no better place to be on Halloween night in the Bay Area than SF. No matter what scene you’re into, there’ll be something for everybody. Your options will include house parties, bar events, and everything inbetween. If you haven’t already rented or purchased your costume, you’d better get on it because the good costumes are rapidly being snatched up. ECSF has already had an after school excursion to the costume shops and the school has been decorated with pumpkins, cobwebs, and more (Thanks teacher Kelly!).  Halloween is on October 31st, which will be a Thursday this year. Students can look forward to scary stories, a pumpkin carving contest, and of course the ECSF costume contest. Teacher Tim    

Big Changes at EC San Francisco

With deep regret, EC San Francisco says goodbye to our long-term Academic Director, Sara Buckingham Proctor.  Sara dedicated her energy to helping accomplish the transformation of EC San Francisco into the dynamic, student-centered language school that it now is.  Under her skilled and compassionate leadership, our student numbers have grown dramatically, our services to students have been improved, and our teaching staff has blossomed in numerous ways, all to the advantage of our purpose in being, our students.  Sara will be moving on to teaching at an East Bay community college, and they are very lucky to get her. In the short term, the current author of this blog will become the Acting Academic Director.  I hope to be able to uphold the high standards that Sara has brought to the job, and make her proud.  Good luck, Sara.  We will miss you!

4th of July Independence Day BBQ or POTLUCK??

That’s the question!!! This a special date for American people, When this day was coming, I was thinking of a big Hot Dog (San Francisco Corn Dog), Big burger and some beers, these was the perfect food for this day, at least for the big day, because when you listened to some American people spoke about your 4th of July, they always said the right word BBQ, friends and family. But for me, this wasn´t a BBQ, why? Because for me it was the best Potluck in my life, mmm ok my second best potluck, (sometimes I felt I now owned this word, and I am really felt like an American person jajaja is so strange!!) also I knew this word here, at the school, on last May, when EC had its birthday, everybody brought the most representative food of his countries; it was an amazing day.  Otherwise,  this day I went to my friend´s house with some other friends to the best Potluck in San Francisc;, we shared the best food I had ever eaten before, a traditional sourdough bread from San Francisco, lasagna, vegetables and avocado salad, rice with vegetables, roast chicken, burgers, corn dog, red and white wine and the best dessert for me, plum pie with ice cream. Everybody that went to the 4th of July, to my friend´s house were from different countries; it was an amazing experience –  we met there with Mexican, Canadian, Brazilian, French and of course,  American people.   At night we went together to The Ferry Building (near to the Bay) to see an amazing and fantastic Fireworks, the day was perfect for me, unforgettable day, always in my mind. It was the real American culture.   This is America – everybody brought the best from your native countries to … Read more

Lunchtime at EC San Francisco English language school

EC San Francisco has a great location in the Financial District, just one block from Market Street, BART, and Muni Metro, close to the Ferry Building and to Union Square, and easy walking distance to Chinatown.  Still, like most office districts in major cities, it is not known for fabulous restaurants.  The cuisine here tends more toward the goal of getting some food into as many office workers as possible in a short time. However, just because one has to eat in a relative hurry doesn’t mean being reduced to “golden arches,” or unidentified parts of chicken.  There are a lot of workmanlike places near EC, serving well-made and tasty food, rapidly, and at acceptable prices.  One popular place to get lunch is the Crocker Galleria, which features a large number of small restaurants serving a wide variety of cuisines, both for eating at tables under the arched glass roof, or for takeaway.  You can pick up a burrito, Indian chaat, Chinese, Japanese, or a variety of soups and salads.  Quick, tasty, and just what you need to get you through an afternoon of learning English at EC San Francisco .

A Big Day for EC San Francisco!

We are a young school, just a few weeks over 3 years old.  We started with our Center Director, Cindy (who is still with us), one support staffer, two part-time teachers, and a handful of students.  So it’s a big deal for us that this week, for the first time, we topped 200 students taking classes with us in our lovely San Francisco facility. At the risk of sounding like a cheap advertisement, EC San Francisco is simply a great place to study English!  I’ve been doing this for over 20 years, and this is far and away the most ideal environment for student growth that I have seen.  Our facility is up-to-date, with good technological support, our teachers are experienced, motivated, and responsive to student feedback, and our support staff is warm and helpful.  And all of our students are now learning “smarter” and faster with our interactive “Smart Boards.”  Follow this link to EC San Francisco , to find out more about our school, or check out other EC locations worldwide, where you can get the same great support for your English learning needs.