Learn English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

Learn English for Academic Purposes (EAP). Its finals week here at Fredonia and level tests week for EC students!  As we wrap up another great semester, students are in test mode.  This is especially true for students who also take university courses.  EC on campus at Fredonia offers a unique opportunity for students who want to study English and who qualify to take university credits.  How do they prepare for this challenge?  EAP!  English for Academic Purposes, that is.  Want to be lecture ready?  Join our EAP program to learn everything you need to be successful in an American university.  From taking notes to presenting an academic paper, our EC team will make sure you are ready for the college experience. The EAP course of study focuses on academic vocabulary, lecture readiness, academic writing and source citing.  In other words, everything you need to be as informed as possible in the collegiate setting.  Self-evaluation is also an important skill for university students to have.  For example, our university newspaper The Leader ran a short column in their latest issue called Verbatim: What advice would you give your past self this semester?  The student responses were “Work as hard as you do during finals week the whole semester” and “No procrastinating”.  EC Fredonia will give you all the tools you need to be a success at college life.   Learn English for Academic Purposes (EAP) and your university experience will be a smooth one! https://www.ecenglish.com/en/school-locations/usa/learn-english-at-suny-fredonia/english-courses/english-for-academic-purposes

Study English Abroad at EC Fredonia

Feel the magic of the Holidays when you study English abroad at EC! The spirit of Christmas and other winter holidays is in the air at this time of year on campus.  Students are busy finishing exams to return home and be with their families during winter break.  Decorations shine and sparkle almost as brightly as the snow that blankets the whole town. Amid all the hustle and bustle of this busy time of year, Old Man Winter has certainly made an appearance!  Winter storm warnings have been the topic of student discussion for 2 weeks now.  Fredonia has received about 10 inches so far and still counting (there is 100% chance of snow the whole week!). Students have been asking if they should buy down coats or winter boots.  The answer?  Absolutely!  The village of Fredonia is known for its beautiful winter landscape with plenty of snow.  Skiing and sledding are popular activities at this time of year as is making snowmen.  One of our Chinese students made a snowman for EC and brought it to the classroom!  Needless to say, the snowman didn’t last long but the memories of this time and all the English learned will last forever. Come and discover a winter wonderland for yourself and study English abroad at EC!

Academic Courses in English at Fredonia

Come to EC Fredonia and take academic courses in English to improve your fluency and cultural knowledge. Last week at EC many students took advantage of the multicultural celebrations happening on campus. Due to the American holiday of Thanksgiving, students learned about the traditions and celebrations that take place at this time of year. Students listened to a lecture about Native American history and tradition and learned about the first Thanksgiving. There was also a global banquet presented by the International department that featured many delicacies from American Thanksgiving and throughout the world. Students sampled pumpkin pie and turkey with cranberry sauce. Many students also traveled during the holiday break. Many students wanted to experience the thrill of black Friday shopping and some even went to New York City and Philadelphia to attend. One of the students even traveled to Rome. Now students are back in their academic courses in English ready to learn and become fluent! https://www.ecenglish.com/en/school-locations/usa/learn-english-at-suny-fredonia/english-courses/english-for-academic-purposes  

Study English at EC Fredonia

Study English at EC Fredonia and experience American culture for yourself. Last week at EC marked the spooky, scary holiday of Halloween here in America (and other countries around the world). Originally the ancient holiday of Samhain, this special day celebrated the harvest season. Later, as Christianity became popular, Samhain was called All Hallows’ Eve. It was a day of remembrance of the dead. Through many years and versions of English, All Hallows’ Eve became known as Halloween. EC students learned all about the customs of this holiday, such as dressing up in costumes, trick or treating and carving Jack O’ lanterns. Students also learned about the similar Hispanic holiday of Day of the Dead through an article in the university newspaper, The Leader. They learned that this celebration is a day of remembrance for the dead, much like All Hallows’ Eve. Altars are made in memory of those who passed away with their picture, favorite foods, candles and flowers. New this year, the university also held a competition to determine who could create the best altar. EC students viewed the altars and learned about this cultural holiday. Because there are many Hispanic people in America, this celebration is observed by many. Study English at EC Fredonia and enjoy the rich culture and experiences! http://www.history.com/topics/halloween/history-of-halloween

Study English at EC on Campus

Study English at EC on Campus at Fredonia and you will see it is the best place for you to learn. Not only is EC Fredonia in a beautiful setting on Lake Erie, but it also offers many services to it’s students.  A comprehensive team of teachers and coordinators are there to take care of your needs whether it is taking university courses, getting an apartment or finding fun things to do on campus.  Nawaf, a student from Saudi Arabia, said: “I think EC is the best place to learn English because you find good proficient teachers and a ready place to learn.  Also, you find nice teams in EC departments.  You will find all the services you need.  I recommend EC for anyone who needs to learn English because it is located in a nice university and a nice town.  You find people and they are ready to help you anytime.  You learn English by many ways.  Thanks for EC and for Robyn, Julee, Ellen, John, Richard and anyone who helps me in EC!” We are lucky here at EC Fredonia to have enthusiastic staff to set goals and help you achieve them.  We are always working on new ways to engage students and make the experience living abroad even better. Study English at EC on Campus and experience it for yourself! https://www.ecenglish.com/en/school-locations/usa/learn-english-at-suny-fredonia

Learning English Abroad at EC Fredonia

This week at EC on campus at Fredonia, students are finding out how learning English abroad is a great experience. EC students have many campus and community activities available to them.  From musical performances to volunteering in the community, international students can get the full college experience.  EC Fredonia is home to many students studying music.  The Sate University of New York at Fredonia is renowned for its music programs.  Students of classical music choose EC on campus at Fredonia because of this advantage.  Students of piano, voice, composition and music education come here to enjoy all the benefits of a university.  It is always surprising how many talented musicians come through the doors at EC.  Additionally, students recently attended a lecture about volunteering in the community.  There are many opportunities to do good in the village of Fredonia.  Students learned the 3 R’s of volunteering: responsibility, reward and recreation.  They spent time understanding these words and how they apply to helping the community.  Also, investigating agencies in the area that do volunteer work was helpful in getting to know the community better.  Learning English abroad is made greater by quality programs offered to EC.  Come and see the difference! http://students.fredonia.edu/volunteer

Become fluent in English

Become fluent in English at EC Fredonia! Now is a busy time of year on campus at the State University of New York at Fredonia.  University students are attending summer courses and new students are touring our beautiful campus.  What does this mean for EC students?  An opportunity to expand their social circles and authentic learning experiences.  EC Fredonia is unique because it offers many of the resources available to university students: the library, student help center and athletic complex, just to name a few.  EC English students take advantage of these services year round. EC Fredonia teachers are highly trained and dedicated to their craft. At EC Fredonia we have one of the most highly-trained and educated faculty available.  Teachers put in many hours of preparation and professional development.  However, we also find time to bond as a team in order to become better educators.  Last week, teachers attended a retreat at one of Fredonia’s off-campus locations.  The session was dedicated to brainstorming how we can serve students while giving them every academic advantage.  The great ideas that came from our retreat are sure to impact EC Fredonia classrooms positively!  Become fluent in English at EC Fredonia and see the results for yourself! http://partners.ecenglish.com/adults/campus/fredonia

Learn English on Campus with EC Fredonia

Study English at EC Fredonia!  It’s an amazing way to get the university experience. Last week marked the beginning of the semester at the State University of New York at Fredonia where EC is located.  The campus is unique in having the advantage of sharing university facilities and EC students benefit from it.  From athletics to the arts, all students on campus are invited to be involved in university activities and open lectures.  Also, with the population boom on campus, EC students enjoy more face time with English-speaking students. Everyday interactions with university students provides authentic learning and the chance to meet new people.   In fact, last week’s solar eclipse was the perfect example of campus community.  Most students came out to view the eclipse with the Science Department supplying protective glasses and telescopes.  Students enjoyed the opportunity to look safely at the eclipse and chat with people they haven’t seen all summer.  Many people from the community also attended, bringing their children and even picnic lunches.  The event turned social very quickly and was the perfect start to a successful semester.  Come study English at EC Fredonia and see the university difference for yourself!  

Become fluent in English at EC Fredonia

Students who want to become fluent in English study at EC Fredonia! Why is our campus special?  There are many reasons, like the benefits of being on a university campus and small class size.  EC students get the most out of their teachers in a small-group setting.  Our classroom environment reflects this.  Students are able to speak one-on-one with teachers and each other and participate in lectures on campus.  Our small size is your advantage!  Small groups are more likely to attend events on campus and travel to community places.  Since there is so much to do in Fredonia, students always have a fun option to choose. Individual attention is the EC way! One EC Fredonia said it best: “Attending EC Fredonia made me change my perspective about teachers and relationship that they had with students.”  Our small class size makes it possible for teachers to give the individual attention that students deserve.  Many students have come from lecture-only backgrounds.  At EC, conversation, debate and individuality are a big part of the program.  You can talk about and research topics you like and discover who you are as a student.  Remember, students who want to become fluent in English study at EC Fredonia! Learn English for University Purposes at EC Fredonia!

Become fluent in English

Become fluent in English in beautiful Fredonia, New York! Learning English in the United States is a great way to improve your fluency. Remember: you use it or you lose it! What better community to live in while learning English than Fredonia, NY? Not only is Fredonia located on the Great Lakes but is home to the State University of New York.  No other EC school can offer what EC Fredonia can! EC and SUNY work closely together to bring you an educational experience that is unique. Fredonia is the only EC school that is located on a university campus. What does that mean for your experience learning English? Exposure to arts and culture that only a university can offer! Known for its strong programs in both music and education, the State University of New York at Fredonia is a great resource. You can also take a path that leads to matriculation in the University, making your college dreams a reality. Don’t miss the chance to become fluent in English at EC Fredonia!