Welcome to Toronto first day students! 15/09/2014

New week, new start. At the beginning of the fall season, more than 50 students arrived to EC Toronto to take a full immersion English course and live the #ecexpierience by themselves. For example, this week started Cambridge English preparatory course such as CAE and FCE,  Here one picture of our new students: If you want to watch all the pictures, double click the next link: EC Toronto First Day 15/09/2014 To our new and current students, this week we have different kind of clinics that you can use to improve your English learning. These are: We wish to our new students the best in their English courses and we predict that you are going to live an amazing experience!!

Graduation Day!!! 12/09/2014

We said goodbye, but already we are missing you all! We have the pleasure to present our graduate students in their graduation ceremony. More than 4, 8, 12 and in some cases more than 24 or 48 weeks of English learning are rewarded with a huge improvement and progress in their English level.  We wish you the best in your life and you always will be part of our big family. If you want to watch all the pictures, double click the next link: EC Toronto Graduation Day 12/09/2014 Share with the world your #ecexperience and tell us about your English course, your activities, and why you love studying English at EC Toronto.    

TorontoBabel… Practice your English meeting new people!!!

Toronto Babel is an international language and cultural exchange group that brings together native and non-native speakers of many different languages from various countries around the world.  The group provides a fun and relaxed atmosphere where you can practice speaking a new language, you can still improve your English learning and make new friends with people from all over the world completely for free. TorontoBabel gatherings take place in a bar with music in the background and plenty of pool tables (to play pool it’s $8 per hour, paid to the bar). Usually there is about 100 people, so it does get a bit loud with people from all over the world chatting away until late in the evening. Try something new!!! And remember, if you are searching an IELTS preparation course in Toronto, come to the best IELTS class in Toronto (according to Study Canada) here in EC Toronto.

EC Toronto Student Testimonial – Joana Ferrari from Brazil. #ecexperience

I studied only two months in the General English course at EC Toronto but I have the impression it was longer. The school is amazing, you have activities all the time and all teachers are wonderful. Every class has something special and funny. Your classmates become your friends and you feel very comfortable to talk and interact. Every day you learn something new and not only English, you learn a lot about other cultures and lifestyles. I can’t explain with words what I experienced in this two months in Toronto. I made lifelong friends and did things that I will always remember. Toronto is an amazing city that you can enjoy every day in a different way. Finally I can say  that those were the best two months in my life and I will never forget all the great moments I had. When my time in Toronto ended I could only think: “Please, take me back to the start.” I will carry this experience in my heart forever. Joana Ferrari, Semi-intensive English Student. Get the best English learning experience here at EC Toronto.  #ecexperience

Roncesvalles Polish Festival 2014

Roncesvalles is a neighbourhood in the city of Toronto, located around Roncesvalles Avenue, south of Bloor St and east of High Park, the largest park in Toronto. Roncesvalles was a farm owned by John Howard, but in 1873 he decided to donate a large parcel of land to the city of Toronto. In the first half of the 20th century, the place was mostly populated by people from England, but in the post-World War II era a large number of Polish immigrants settled in the area. Nowadays, the area is known as the cultural centre of Toronto’s Polish community and every year holds the Polish festival, which will take place this year on September 13 and September 14 in Roncesvalles town. Go to this great festival and don’t lose the opportunity to learn more about Polish culture, its music, its people and its delicious food. And don’t forget, if you are looking for English Courses in Toronto, including Cambridge English preparatory courses, come to the best English language center in the city, EC Toronto

EC Toronto Student Testimonial – Ines Tourita from Portugal. #ecexperience

Hi my name is Ines Tourita, and I studied at EC Toronto. My experience was very good and I would like to share it with you. I came with my family and one of my goals was to  study in an English language center to improve my English skills. On the internet I found EC’s facebook page and the address, so I went there to get some information and see the school. The front desk staff was very helpful and I could start my classes quicker. They showed me many options and I decided to take the General English Course in Toronto. During my studies I had different teachers at EC Toronto to help me reach my goals. All the teachers were amazing and they cared about the students. I joined the school Ambassador team where I met a lot of new friends and also heard about the EC Internship. When I finished my classes I applied as an intern in EC. This was a very good experience for me because I learned a lot and had the opportunity to use my English in a work environment. I would like to say thank you to all my teachers and the staff at EC for the opportunities and advice that they gave me. I would recommend everyone who wants to make a big progress in their English learning to give it a try. I loved it!! Ines Tourita is an Intensive English student. #ecexperience

EC Toronto presents… EC Iron Chef

Do you like to cook? Do you want to show other students that your countries food is the best? Now is your chance. On the 18th of September EC Toronto is going to do a cooking challenge between different countries. There is going to be a panel of food judges who will determine the EC Iron Chef winner. So come cheer on your countries chef and if you are brave enough you can represent your country in round 2. And if you are not yet a student at EC Toronto, you should be! EC offers various English Language courses, including General English courses in Toronto!