The Toronto Islands: A great place to unwind!

If you take a ferry from the Bay docks you need just 10 minutes to reach the small chain of islands in the Toronto Harbour. On the three major islands – Centre Island, Ward’s Island and Hanlon’s Point — you’ll leave the big city troubles behind you. Other islands you’ll find there are Middle Island, Algonquin (Sunfish Island) and Olympic.   You can enjoy a day on the Toronto Islands if you rent a bike, have an inline skating tour and finish the day with a picnic or barbeque. Maybe you want to have a delicious dinner with your family – then “The Rectory Café” is the right address for you. There you’ll find a friendly ambiance and good service.       During the currently colder days you can take a walk on the lovely boardwalks and breathe in some fresh air. During this season the leaves are changing their colours, so enjoy nature at its finest. If you had a hard week at work, just relax a little bit and enjoy a coffee. And in the summertime you can rent a paddle boat or do a bit of sunbathing on one of the beaches. If you are interested in the arts, there is a large community of all kinds of artists living on Wards’ Island. You can read a book by one of the Toronto Islands’ authors like Bill Freeman or Kathleen McDonnell, you can also go to see a theatre group like “ Jumblies Theatre”, or you admire the art work of Laurie Jones or Alastair Dickson. Not enough to do yet? Toronto Islands are also known for their yacht clubs and tennis and Frisbee golf courts.   Toronto Homestay English coursesWe think that it’s a wonderful idea to plan a trip to Toronto Islands soon! Your … Read more