Top 5 Fun Things to Do in Toronto

Do you want to study English at EC Toronto and just not sure if the city itself is the right fit for you? Check out this video by for the Top 5 things you can do to discover this amazing city of Toronto. 5. Visit a Museum: The Art Gallery of Ontario, The Royal Ontario Museum, The Bata Shoe Museum and The Gardiner Museum are just a few of the museums in the City of Toronto, there are actually too many to list here. 4. Check out Toronto’s Music Scene: From Indie Rock to Jazz, Pop to Soul, Toronto’s music scene is pumping! Just check out Blogto for all of the best venues. 3. Visit The Toronto Islands by Ferry: The ferry ride is short and sweet and the view is beautiful. 2. Go Beer tasting: Craft beers are a big deal in Toronto and it’s not hard to find amazing breweries around the city. Check out this link for the best micro breweries this city has to offer. 1. Visit Toronto’s many, many restaurants! For more ideas check out one of our EC Toronto student‘s favourite places to visit in Toronto.  

Student Testimony

Rodrigo’s Testimonial: “It is a pleasure and easy describing how much LSC and the time dedicated to improve my English when I decided to come to Toronto was extremely important in my life and career as a Chemical Engineer. The high quality of the LSC was instantly recognized by me, since the first time that I had my first real contact with school. During the 7 months that I attended LSC courses, I do not only learnt English, but also I really enjoyed and interacted with extraordinary teachers, efficient administrative staff, supervisors, directors. The LSC environment and atmosphere is completely pleasurable and comfortable, so when I realized I saw that I was surrounded by amazing people and excellent infrastructure and facilities, which I felt like if I were at my second home! Also, I was astounded and dazzled with City of Toronto.Toronto is the largest city in Canada, in which it is sophisticated, safe, and one of the most culturally diverse cities of the world. I could easily spend 30 minutes to talk about this fantastic and exuberant city. To sum up, I am very satisfied and grateful for everything that LSC and Canada provided me! I would definitely recommend LSC-Canada for anyone who wants to have great moments, and learn or enhance a second language.” “School and city are brilliant, passionate…Outstanding!”