Events in Vancouver – Velopalooza

If in the next days you get stuck in traffic because of a bunch of bikers, take a deep breath and slow down the pace. The Velopalooza, which is an event held inVancouver and surrounding areas, is starting today.  It promises to bring some colours and fun for the city. The festival started in 2010. Its first edition lasted ten days and had 68 rides. In 2011, the festival grew to 18 days and 129 rides.  Now in its third year, Velopalooza features a wide variety of community led, fun, themed bicycle rides ranging from neighborhood tours to all night parties! There is something for everyone with rides for food, rides with silly costumes, and rides for kids. June 15th to July 2nd

Our teachers – Marc

  This Friday our EC teacher Marc will be playing with his band, Litterbug and CounTerTerm, at Cafe Deux Soleils. If you haven’t heard about them, this is what they have to say about themselves  “Those of you who adore pot-bellied pigs will be thoroughly thanked.” “This show is for all of you, except you.” “Expect a show full of tender moments, heartfelt ballads, and incomprehensible hand gesturing.” “Know your rights and always brush your teeth.”  Now that you know how those dudes think, go check out their show!  June 15  9:00pm Café Deux Soleils (2096 Commercial Drive) $5 cover.


  If you think that you were born for showbiz, today is your chance to reveal your musical talent. Go to the third floor for Music@Lunch. Come play or just enjoy some guitar music with our activities team.  3rd floor at 1:10

Ice Skating today!

  Join the Activities team today for ice skating. If you have tried it before, this is your chance to show off your ice skating moves such as jumps and spins, but if you haven’t tried, don’t worry too much. If you fall, you can just get up, shake off the ice on your butt, put a smile on your face and start again! Meeting point: Waterfront station Time: 5pm

Vancouver Art Gallery

Today is Tuesday and if you are not really into all the Eurocup hype you could try something different. Why not see a little bit of art? An exhibition called Collecting Matisse and Modern Masters, The Cone Sisters of Baltimore is being held at the Vancouver Art Gallery. More than 45 paintings, sculptures and drawings from one of the world’s finest collections of early European Modernism are available for public viewing. In addition to the Matisse works, the exhibition features others famous names from the nineteenth century such as Gustave Courbet, Pierre–Auguste Renoir, Paul Gauguin and Vincent van Gogh. And the best thing is that on Tuesdays admission to the Vancouver Art Gallery is by donation after 5pm. So, don’t miss it! The exhibition is there until September 30.

Student Testimonial – Isabela Ferreira

Isabela Ferreira is a student from Brazil. When people ask me why I chose Vancouver I don’t know what to say because I didn’t have any special reason. I only knew I didn’t want to go to the USA. I always liked Canada so I decided that Vancouver could be my new home because is a safe city and I like the crazy weather, especially the cloudy days! My school has an original way to help the students learn English. The teachers are the best!!!  They all have a special way to teach… It is just excellent! But the best thing about this trip is meeting new people from different nationalities. I have friends from Mexico, Japan, Korea, France, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland and of course from Brazil!  It is just perfect to meet new people every week and learn about their different cultures If I could give advice for students that are planning to come to Canada, I would say:  “Come to Vancouver to enjoy the beautiful mountains, the amazing parks and to have fun in the pubs with your friends!” And what do I think about my homestay? Well, I arrived here 3 months ago and since then I have lived with my host mother, Yasmin, in  North Vancouver.  She is perfect, a really good friend and a lovely person! We have spent nice moments together and we have shared our secrets and our experiences. I’m very happy to have the opportunity to spend an incredible time with her. She is my Canadian mother and I really love her!


People’s Law School of Vancouver invites you to participate in their Justice Theatre on Wednesday, June 20.   This is a free and fun event where you will get a chance to see a live dramatization of a criminal trial on bullying and the internet. All students are invited, however seating is limited, so register as soon as you can!   For further details please check the information boards on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors of our school. Have fun!

Let’s go green!

  EC is committed to making our planet a better place to live and contributing for a greener Earth. We have now on our 3rd and 4th floor lounges 2 new recycling bins: one for paper and another one for plastic, glass and metal containers (please make sure containers are clean when you put them in the recycling bin). EC asks for everyone’s help to make this initiative a successful one! Thanks everybody, we know together we can make it happen!

Student Testimonial – Ayako Uchida

Ayako Uchida (second from the left) is a student from Japan  who has completed a 4-week English course at EC Vancouver. What did you do in Japan and why have you decided to study English in Canada? I was working in a foreign bank and I wanted to change my career. What do you think about EC Vancouver? The teachers are excellent. They are well educated and very skillful.  Also, there are only a few Japanese students, which is great because I don’t want to speak Japanese. What do you think about being surrounded by students from different nationalities? Students who travel abroad to study English have high aims, so this is very encouraging for me. It is also a good opportunity to meet and get to know people who come from all over the world. I’ve learned many different ways of thinking from them. All in all we are the same. We have the same purpose. We are away from our countries and we are trying to do our best to understand each other easily, deeply and considerably. Even though we have different backgrounds, we have consideration for each other and we have good times together. It is a good chance to look at our own country objectively too. I love Japan even more than I used to. What would you say to an international student who is planning to come to Vancouver? Vancouver is a very beautiful city. People from Vancouver have a warm heart for students who are learning English. It is definitely a good environment for international students.