Ingrid Louise Paiva Rocha from Brazil shares her EC Vancouver experience!

Ingrid Louise Paiva Rocha, who took the General English Course (High-Intermediate), shares her EC Vancouver experience. My name’s Ingrid, I am studying to be a Dentist in Brazil. When I was a child, I used to hear my mother saying that a person who does not know English is a nobody. She was right. It is true that English has become popular day-by-day. For these reasons, I chose to live abroad. Since December, I am having the best time of my life. Because I came from a warm country, I did not want to live in the coldest city in Canada. So I chose Vancouver, where there are mild winters and warm summers compared to other cities here. Living in Vancouver is such a marvelous experience. There are a lot of things to do, for example, go to Stanley Park and rent a bike to see amazing views; visit Granville Island to try different kinds of fruit and sea food in the huge Market Place; walk around Gastown and see an old-fashioned neighborhood with a lot of restaurants, however, it is not cheap to live here. Night life is only allowed for those who are 19 years old or more. The public transportation is punctual and efficient. For sure, my favorite part of living here is the multiculturalism. I made more friends in four months than I did in a life time in Brazil. Now, I have a place to stay in at least eleven different countries because of my new friends. Talk about luck! I met my best friend here and she is Japanese. I am grateful to have this opportunity which has made me grow up as a human being. My agency suggested going to EC Vancouver because it was the best one. They were right because it … Read more

Lakehead University Presentation

Hello EC students, Yesterday, Ellen from Lakehead University visited EC Vancouver English School and gave us a great presentation! Lakehead University has two campuses in Ontario, very close to Toronto. The average number of students per class is 19, which is perfect if you prefer a small class. “You have to show up, though”, she said, and that drew laughter from the students. The university offers over fifty activities per semester and a lot of club sports. As the name suggests, the university is located next to a lake! About thirty EC students listened to this presentation. They enjoyed a hot coffee and some little snacks during the wonderful presentation of Lakehead University. We have other colleges’ presentations next week. If you are interested in going to a college or just knowing how a university works in Canada, please join us! ===== EC offers various English Courses, including TOEFL Course(s) in Vancouver.

TOEFL – The ticket for your future university

As you are an international student and thinking about going to a college or university in Canada, or to start your professional life in an English speaking country, you will probably have to assess your English. The TOEFL exam is the ticket for studying in an English-speaking country. This exam to assess your English level is recognized by more than 8,500 colleges, agencies and other institutions in over 130 countries. The exam is split into 4 main sections: speaking, reading, listening, and writing. TOEFL is not an easy test but do not worry, EC Vancouver is here for you! EC offers TOEFL courses in Vancouver! We require our students to have at least an Intermediate level. Our teachers will give you all the tips and tricks, and train you to succeed and be ready for the exam. Don’t forget that your social life is also important! TOEFL class takes place only during the morning, so you will be free to enjoy Vancouver and all the events that the city offers during the afternoon. Please contact us if you have any questions or need any other information about our Higher Score TOEFL course!