5 Mistakes When Learning English

Many people often ask themselves: “Why can I not learn English?”. For example, a person has been studying English for many years, but still does not have the desired result. What is wrong? If you are studying at an English school in Vancouver, this article will help you to learn what the most common mistakes people make in their learning, and how such mistakes can affect their improvement. Mistake # 1: Not Doing Homework Doing homework is 50% of success. When doing homework, you should remember the material, and once again repeat what was learned in class. This also allows you to immediately find the material you do not understand. When you work with a teacher, everything seems easy and understandable. But as soon as you are left alone with the material, you may immediately have moments where you feel like you are struggling. If you do not do your homework, you take the risk of not knowing about your lack of understanding. And at this point, there may not be a teacher around who can explain and go over the material with you again. Mistake # 2: Ignoring Mistakes Very often people do not pay attention to gaps in their knowledge. They think that they know the language well at a certain level, but in fact they do not. Sometimes we are lazy to go back to the material we have covered already. But if you keep ignoring the mistakes, it will be harder and harder to learn the new material. You will simply get confused. Mistake # 3: Studying only the words Instead of studying individual lexical units, it is necessary to focus on memorizing ready-made phrases, the way kids do. Remember, you did not learn in childhood structure like “do-did-done”? That’s right, you immediately memorized whole phrases … Read more

Student Testimonial – Marco Aurelio Fernandes

Hi guys! My name is Marco Aurelio, I’m from Brazil and I have studied at EC Vancouver for 3 months. My time here and the experience studying abroad was the best I ever had! There were good teachers to help and support you and the activities to do during the week were awesome. My English is much better! I made a lot new friends, learned about new cultures and my host family made me feel at home the whole time. They were amazing! I loved all the places that I visited in Canada, such as Joffre Lake, Rocky Mountains, Stanley Park, English Bay, Lighthouse Park, Deep Cove and Banff. Vancouver is gorgeous!         I’m so grateful for the opportunity to be here in Vancouver and I hope to come back one day.   Looking for IELTS preparation in Canada?Come to Vancouver and study at EC Vancouver English Centre!  

Laura’s successful story at EC Vancouver

  Laura came from Mexico and she came to Canada tp study ESL in Vancouver. After three months learning English in EC Vancouver, she is able to communicate in English! Here is her story: “I chose EC to study English in Canada because it was the best fit for my needs. After three months studying here I realized that my teachers speak very clear, and are really patient and friendly. They made me feel comfortableduring the classes because they treated me like a friend. They encouraged me to learn English so I learnt it faster than I had imagined.     I will never forget the amount of people that I have met in this time, I have friends from so many different countries. Now I know amazing people, I am having an incredible experience! Of course, I will recommend EC Vancouver to my friends because this is the best decision I could have taken: the city is excellent, the EC team is amazing and make me feel very comfortable at the school, and the facilities are also really nice. Studying here is a pleasure!” ==== Would you like to have the same experience that Laura? Maybe it is about time to take a break and study English in Canada! EC is one of the most recognized English schools in Vancouver.  

Nilo from Brazil writes about his amazing experience in Vancouver

Nilo Arthur shares his experience in Vancouver within EC while studying TOEFL in Vancouver. Hello guys! I’m going to write about my fantastic experience in Vancouver and how EC Vancouver made it even better. My name is Nilo, I’m 17, and I spent almost two months in Vancity. Soon you’ll understand why I say it was certainly the best time of my life so far. The reasons why I chose EC came mainly from the positive feedback that I got from friends in Brazil. Organization, close contact to each student, excellent teachers and infrastructure were the main criterias that guided my choice – and yes, I can now confirm that they are true. This trip to Vancity was actually the first time I traveled alone and stayed more than a week far away from my family and friends. In the beginning, I thought I wouldn’t be able to “survive” these 2 months, because I didn’t consider myself as an independent person with enough responsibility to honor my commitments before. Well, I was proved wrong in a couple of days. Soon I made new friends at EC, and, together with the host family, they helped me a lot in the process of becoming independent and fearless. My self-reliance increased a lot, and so did my skills in dealing with people. I never actually missed my life in Brazil to the point of wanting to go back home. When you finally realize you’re in Canada, you just think about enjoying every second there. My classmates were awesome, and they came from everywhere in the world: Switzerland, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Germany, Mexico, Sweden, Turkey and so on. The cultural exchange is something unique and fun – you’re going to love it more than you think. Your world knowledge will increase like never before, and so … Read more