Why Study ESL in Vancouver

Studying ESL in Vancouver with EC Language Centres allows you to experience Canadian culture first hand and facilitate wonderful experiences. As an ESL student, you are highly encouraged to enjoy the events and activities Vancouver provides to participate in Canadian culture and arts. With that being said, there are many reasons to take English courses in Vancouver. Studying English in general is a good idea to kickstart and boost your career. Choose from the many programs and classes we offer like “English for Work” or “Grammar for Real Communications”. We also provide one on one private lessons to help you tackle the weak aspects of your English skill! EC Vancouver and EC Language Centres offers many free ESL classes, events and activities every day of the week, rain or shine. Contact EC Vancouver today or visit our website and social media accounts for more information regarding our programs and events.

Lorenzo tells us his experience at EC Vancouver

Here you can find how is Lorenzo’s experience in EC Vancouver, he started his classes a few months ago. My experience learning English in Vancouver has been good, I like the city and the weather is not so cold yet. Now I’m living in Downtown and most of the good places are close to my house. When I wake up in time, I spend only 5-10 minutes on my commute to EC. I’m happy about that!

“This is the school of my dreams”, Juan

Juan came from Colombia to take some English Classes in Vancouver, he has been learning English with us for three months and he thinks that his time here is “wonderful”, have a look below to find out the reason why.   “The main reason that makes me think that Vancouver is wonderful is EC because I have improved my English a lot. Honestly, this is the school of my dreams. It is just perfect, not only because of the way they teach English, but also because of the environment, the teachers, the staff and all the international students. If you have any doubts just let the staff at the Front Desk help you.”