Canadian Cuisine

Canadian Food and Local Favorites Are you interested in Canadian cuisine? Do you want try Canadian food and see what is it all about? If so, then there are large restaurant chains in Canada and around the world! These places are expanding day by day and can be found everywhere across the nation. The most obvious ones would be A&W, Boston Pizza, Tim Horton’s, Beaver Tails, Lobster, Cactus Club, Roadhouse, Booster Juice, Freshii, Smack, Whitespot, Burger King (believe it or not), Dairy Queen, also known as DQ,  Swiss Chalet, Warehouse, and much more! Most of these restaurants are on the cheap spectrum. You can find many Canadian restaurants near you and they usually include a wide variety of meals and options. So just go to any restaurant and order one of your favorite food or try something new like Poutine! Another favorite local foods is french fries and butter tarts. Poutine is by far the most popular and traditional dish of Canada. Eating out is a good way to get to know the city and culture. Study English Abroad and Explore North America! Studying English with EC Vancouver allows you to explore Canadian culture and Cuisine. expand your horizons when it comes to learning and speaking English. Here at EC, we have levels starting from basic elementary to complete advanced and proficiency. Nonetheless, we also have IELTS and Cambridge test preparation programs that will help you succeed in University. Studying abroad allows you to experience a new culture and meet new friends and people from around the world. We offer homestays and activity programs for various ages throughout the year. Visit our website or contact us today via our social media platforms to know more about our ESL programs and school. We have tours, activities, classes, and endless things to … Read more

Tips on Learning

Advice on Learning English Whether we speak to friends or go out to explore the city or culture, we always learn something new in our day and lives. Learning something new is very interesting but most importantly beneficial. Learning keeps your brain hungry for more knowledge and skills! Check out our tips on learning below: There are numerous ways and tips that will be helpful for your learning career and education. First and foremost is obviously hard work and focus. These two are the basics of everything successful. They are the keys of learning and improving. If you will not focus on your goals, then you cannot achieve them because you don’t prioritize it. Practicing and hands-on work is very important to learn so you have to try to practice on a daily basis. For instance, if you want to learn or perfect your English language, then you must practice it daily using the four skills, reading,listening, speaking and writing. Hard work on the other hand is also very important to achieve your goals. With hard work, you put dedication and time towards your goals which makes them achievable. if you want really to learn something new, you can learn something new every moment! Like for instance through games, TV, talking with someone, listening to others and reading books. There are many other ways where you can learn easily such as speaking with people and going out for adventures. Everyone makes mistake so don’t be afraid of making language mistakes because we always learn from our faults! If you have an interest to learn or improve your English as Second Language then you can learn easily do that by taking our English classes in Vancouver. Contact EC Vancouver or visit our website and social media platforms to learn more about … Read more

Experiences in Vancouver and Canada as a Student

Student’s Trips and Experiences in Canada Students who travel and go to other countries develop a strong sense of ethics and self-sustainment. During this time, student have different experiences in Canada regarding their trips, graduation, work and living abroad. When a student visits a new country, he or she are excited and nervous at the same time because everything is new and different for them. Some students are afraid or homesick because they think about how to survive abroad or how to arrange their studies and time abroad. Study Abroad in Canada and live new experiences! The experience of students is very interesting because they meet new people who are also from other countries. And due to this, they can learn more about other cultures, languages and people. They are able to make new friends and enjoy the different places the city and country has to offer. They also get experiences in every situation like how to manage time and their workload related to their studies and practicing their language, grammar, behavior and many other things. Most students don’t have their families with them abroad, and this can be very difficult but in return, students can stay in our home-stay families and accommodation where they feel most at home. They also have the opportunity to practice English at home, everyday. Nonetheless, students who study abroad get to see new places and experience a new culture. The experience in Canada is an essential one from start to finish  because between this time, students get different experiences from different situations. In the end, the student’s life is full of positive surprises and happy memories to carry forward. Contact EC Vancouver and EC Language Centres to learn more about our ESL programs in Canada and North America. Our programs offer various courses for … Read more

Grocery Stores in Vancouver

Local Grocery Stores Everyone knows that Vancouver is an expensive city but there are some cheap places and grocery stores like Dollarama, Walmart, Canadian Superstore, IGA, Safeway and many other stores that are affordable. Check out our mini list below for the recommended grocery stores during your stay here in Vancouver. There are many other places to shop and visit, however these are the recommended ones we suggest: There are many places to shop for groceries in Vancouver! You just have to look around! Dollarama: is one of the cheapest stores and you can find it literally anywhere across the mainland! You can find anything in there for just $1, $2, $3 or $4 and it is the best way to save money! There are home decoration things, food, flowers, snacks, stationery and so many other things. This kind of shop is also called Dollar tree or Dollar store. Walmart: Walmart is also one of the best budget-friendly places. It is popular in North America as a whole and its famous for its variety. You can find anything within one place like decoration stuff, electronic things, clothes, food, snacks, bedding, towels, and so much more. If you’re looking for something specific, then you will most likely find it at Walmart or Canadian Superstore. Canadian Superstore: this is the best and one of the biggest place to shop for groceries and home supply. You can find everything you need at one place like electronics, house-ware, snacks, food, appliances, and clothing. There are number of varieties and different locations across Vancouver. IGA: IGA in Downtown Vancouver is located on Burrard street. This is a small-town market to grocery shop. There is a large bakery, pharmacy, and a bistro that makes fresh food everyday! A similar kind of grocery store is also called … Read more

Coffee Shops in Vancouver

Coffee Coffee Coffee! Everybody loves Coffee! Most people love coffee and they can’t work or literally wake up without drinking coffee. Here in Vancouver, there are number of coffee shops that you can find anywhere like Tim Horton’s, waves coffee house, and Starbucks. Along with the local ones like Nemesis, Revolver Coffee, Café Artigiano, and Breka Bakery & Café. Below is a short list of few places that are worthy of your visit and stop. Tim Horton’s: Tim Horton’s is one of the most famous, cheap and busiest places to find and drink coffee. there are a lots of donuts and muffins, as well as breakfast items and sandwiches. You can find timmies almost everywhere across Canada. Lots of timmies are opened 24 hours so you can eat your breakfast, lunch and dinner there without worrying. Waves Coffee House: waves coffee house is one of the best coffee houses in town.  There are many food options to eat with coffee like sandwiches, banana bread, waffles, muffins and so on. Café Artgiano: Café Artigiano is a lovely place to sit and eat in. There are a lot of options regarding coffee and this is one fancy place you should visit! Trees Organic Coffee: One of the best places to eat and relax. Not to mention their famous cheesecake which you should definitely try it out. Breka Bakery & Café: Breka bakery & café is one of the best 24/7 places. It is sweet and affordable. This place is popular for their cheesecakes and sandwiches, so make sure you try one out! You must try any of these places during your time in Vancouver. Coffee shops in Vancouver are the best places for your break or to spend time with your friends. Visit EC Vancouver to learn more about our ESL classes … Read more

study in Canada

Learn English in Vancouver

Study in Canada Learning English in Vancouver a is Fun and Rewarding Experience English is the international language and it used almost everywhere and in every country as a second language. So, it is very important to learn English and be proficient in it. Do you want to learn English in Vancouver? Then don’t worry! There are many ways to learn English. Come to EC Vancouver and expand your language! Practicing is the best way and you can learn something new everywhere and anywhere like for instance watching movies, listening to music, talking with people, reading books, even playing games. And the most obvious, taking classes! Try to speak everywhere even at home and meet new people by speaking and conversing in English only. If you want to learn English, then don’t be afraid to make mistake because we always learn from making mistakes! The internet has many websites that can help you improve your language learning like ECEnglish, BBC learning English, and English grammar extra. These are free. ECEnglish has many resources on the website and student account. There are also many ways to learn English in an effective way which is by taking classes. This is the best way to practice which is learning in groups and learning from mistakes. Listen to other people who speak English and try to use simple words first. Keep a notebook of words and write essay or a diary about your activities in English and try to structure and use complete sentences everyday. Above all , there are many English langauge schools in Vancouver, but none compares with EC!  learning English is not only fun, but also exciting and rewarding. Study English here at EC Vancouver and EC Language Centres to expand your career and job as well as study opportunities in … Read more

Traveler Tips When Visiting Vancouver

Information About The City and Tips For Travelers Vancouver is one of the most beautiful and attractive cities in the world and North America. The city receives newcomers everyday. Some are for vacations and some are for studies or research. Read below for some traveler tips! Vancouver is very popular for pursing post secondary education because of the quality of the education system. Nonetheless, the weather in Vancouver makes it more beautiful because its the warmest city in Canada. Arguably. It doesn’t get extremely cold. There are many places and attractions for tourists and locals. There are endless things that makes the city exciting and wonderful. From education, events, festivals to the multicultural diversity and city ethos. There are also many outdoor activities and events happening around town. You can enjoy the beauty of nature while also exploring the beautiful west coast. Not to forget, there are numerous job opportunities and research. There are various restaurants, hotels and things to do, so you can never be bored in this city. Summer is the best time for visiting Vancouver because the weather is very peaceful and attractive.Newcomers can adjust quickly to the city due to the weather and location. There are many activities to do in summer like hiking, paddle boarding, surfing, outdoor movies and much more. There are many festivals that take part strictly in the summer like Canada day and Pride. EC Vancouver We would like to invite prospect students to come and study English with us here at EC Vancouver to enjoy the beautiful west coast while also expanding their skills and language. Take courses of English in Vancouver and kickstart your career with EC Language Centres and explore the different opportunities the city has to offer for everyone.

5 Benefits From Making Friends Around The World

The Many Benefits From Making Friends By Studying Abroad Many people like to travel the world and meet new people and friends that are locals. With that being said, there are many benefits and reasons to make new friends while you’re studying abroad. One is ofcourse its a better way to get to know the city and culture. Specially if you’re both speaking English and improving your skills at the same time. Nonetheless, there are numerous benefits from making new friends from different countries and cultures. You can learn about their culture and traditions, language, lifestyles and much which can be very interesting and beneficial for you. You will also get to taste new food and cuisine. And due to this, you will be able to learn and speak about about international cuisine. You will also have new networking opportunities as every person will have different experiences and background that you can learn from. This will be very helpful in the future and you may also have a better job opportunity or enhance your business. if you wish to expand internationally. Nonetheless, if you want to learn a new language, then it will be very helpful to practice with your local friends. You can practice in your own comfort zone and space, without worrying too. In other words, you will gain knowledge and different experiences. You can also learn to live life in a new way. Above all, EC English Vancouver is an ESL school based in western Canada with many locations around the world. Contact us via our website or social media to learn more about our ESL programs and activities! We have levels starting from basic elementary to complete proficiency. We also have test preparation programs like IELTS and Cambridge.

How To Enhance Your Speaking Skills

Enhancing your speaking and conversation skills with EC Vancouver English is an international and worldwide language, in other words, it is used almost everywhere world wide. English is very important to boost your career and that is why you need to enhance your speaking skills if you need it. If you wish to become a successful person, you must be well spoken and have high speaking skills, speaking fluently with confidence. To boost your speaking skills, confidence is very important. You should have confidence to speak infront of everyone, as well as face to face communications. So, there are many ways to enhance your speaking skills. The obvious one is done by practicing. Practice is the best way to improve speaking skills, as well as any skill in general. So, do always practice speaking daily because practice truly makes perfect. To practice successfully, you should try to speak in front of your friends, family and classmates in English.   Making mistakes is a part of learning Don’t feel afraid to make mistakes because everyone makes mistakes and its a part of learning. If you speak with confidence, then no one can pinpoint your mistakes because you’re speaking with confidence. Always try to speak with people on any topic, and with this you can enhance your speaking and confidence. By watching movies, you can also boost your vocabulary and pick up various slang or metaphors to use in your sentences. If you really want to enhance your skills,then we suggest that you take speaking classes that is provided here with us at EC Vancouver. Nonetheless, always try to speak in English with your friends and family instead of using your mother tongue. Read books out loudl and record your conversations to see your weak points. After recording, listen to it and … Read more

Vancouver Deep Cove

Beautiful Deep Cove Deep cove is a beautiful seaside small village in north Vancouver. It faces the open waters with beautiful mountain views. This wonderful place is thee spot for boating, walking, kayaking, paddle boarding, swimming, running, hiking and many other things! It’s a local favorite due to its beautiful nature and breath taking scenery. It’s also a superb place to take pictures and BBQ. There are many shops like the only and only Deep Cove ice cream parlor, coffee shops, restaurants, and local crafts and clothing stores in deep cove. The honey doughnuts & goodies are to die for! They are very famous here in Vancouver! You must try these doughnuts because they are unique and super tasty! If you want to enjoy the nature and feel relaxed, then we highly recommend you to just go there! You can hike then enjoy the beautiful scenery and area. Or you can also kayak or paddle board then eat some delicious Deep Cove pizza. There are also many parks nearby deep cove like Cates park and Seymour Mountain. Nonetheless,There are number of interesting events and activities that are hosted yearly or per season in deep cove like the penguin plunge, various summer concerts, and Deep Cove daze extra. So you can come and enjoy these festivals at this beautiful place during the different times of the year. There are also free concerts and live music in summer evenings. If its one thing we need to mention about Deep Cove, then its the fabulous view and scenery. The view of the mountains is great because you can see nearby islands as well. There are lots of parking spaces if you need some as well. Above all, contact EC Vancouver to learn more about our ESL courses and classes to explore Vancouver and … Read more