EC Vancouver closed on January 15th and 16th

The safety of our students is one of our priorities. Due to the weather conditions, EC Vancouver will be closed on January 15th and January 16th. We recommend our students to stay at home and use public transportation if it is extremely necessary as advised by Translink. Stay tuned on our Facebook and Instagram for updates. Stay safe and warm.

Vancouver’s Ever Changing Weather

Dear future students, greetings from Vancouver! If you are coming to Vancouver, certainly you heard about the city and our crazy/amazing weather. Vancouver has an incredible environment which allows the tourists to experience different weather conditions throughout the day. You can go to work in a sunny morning, go for lunch in a freezing rain and go to bed with a beautiful quite windy night.Crazy, isn’t it? Nope! Not at all! At least, not for Vancouverites. What about snowboarding in the morning, hiking in the afternoon and finishing off by walking around English Bay?     In Vancouver, everything is possible! The summer  is amazing! Everybody is happy and everyone is enjoying the city by having picnics on the beach or swimming in public pools and going of walks around the different trails the city has to offer. Not to mention the many restaurants and the busy night life which hosts an incredible environment! The hiking season is open for the ones who want to keep their body in shape in the summer, but you can always hike throughout the year as many trails are opened all year long. With that being said, Summer is also the time for sprinters, runners, swimmers, and skaters. Just a warning: Beware of bears while hiking and always wear sunscreen if you’re out and about. Also, make sure to plan our your trips safely whether you’re taking the bus or any forms of public transit. Don’t forget your phone charger as well! EC Language Centres is a school based in Vancouver with locations all around the world. Contact us to learn more about our ESL programs and activities. Learn English in Vancouver and explore the different opportunities the city has to offer while also improving your English language skills.