What is EC Advance?

Use EC Advance to:

  • Track and assess your progress at EC
  • Gain an understanding of the skills you need to improve your level
  • Choose the best route to reach your English goals
  • Discover how you learn.

EC Advance is our cutting-edge testing system integrated into EC Online. Created in collaboration with top academic publishers, including Oxford University Press, EC Advance is designed to help you reach your English goals faster.

The system provides detailed progress reports, allowing your teacher to send you the specific self-study materials you need to improve your English. 

You can also communicate with your teachers through EC Advance. Tell them the areas you want to focus on, and they'll send you the materials you need to succeed!

How EC Advance helps you succeed

Formal Assessment

Test your reading, writing, listening. and speaking skills to learn your overall English level. This assessment gives our academic team an insight into your strengths and weaknesses, allowing them to provide you with a detailed study-plan.


See the things you do well, the areas you need to keep working on, and the steps you need to take in the future. Recognise your past mistakes and how to fix them. Self-evaluation is an important skill in becoming a good independent learner.

Targeted Feedback

Get an automatic learning plan based on your online test results. The work assigned to you in EC Online after this test is taken is targeted based on your results. So if you are struggling on a particular area on the test, you will receive exercises targeted at improving those skills. This is what makes EC Advance truly unique.

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