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Welcome to EC Online

Use this unique study tool throughout your language-learning journey!

As soon as you book one of our English courses, you’ll be granted access to EC Online, where you can get started by taking a placement test and pre-arrival survey.

Integrated into EC Online and developed by our partners, The Oxford University Press, EC Advance is a personally adaptive and highly accurate way of assessing overall proficiency and progress. 

The best thing about EC Online? You can start learning English before you even leave, with a wealth of online learning materials available exclusively on the platform.

EC Online is the place to go to organise meetings with your teachers and organise your social life.

In the EC Online library, you’ll find language activities and fantastic resources perfect for targeting your reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. 

Why use EC Online?

Start learning straight away

Begin your EC experience by taking the online placement and be provided with online self-learning materials perfect for your level.

Personalise your learning

Receive a custom playlist on your specific needs, created by your teacher, based on your assessment test result. This can be accessed at any time through your EC Online account.

Study for an English exam

Learn all the language, skills and techniques needed to successfully take IELTS. Our IELTS preparation platform is available to all EC students.

Additional benefits

Using EC Online means starting the learning process just after booking your course! The platform allows for personalised learning and give you the chance to testing your exam skills – but the benefits don´t stop here!

EC Online also give you an opportunity to:

Tell EC about your goals: Your experience can be customised to your individual needs.

Track your progress: Monitor your own progress and see how far you've come using the Oxford Online Placement Test.

Have tutorials: Get specific feedback and recommendations during your 1:1 tutorials with your teachers.

Connect with other students: Meet other EC students before and during your course via Facebook, through EC Online.

Plan your social programme: Join different social events as well as additional free language workshops.

Talk to your teachers and staff: Contact EC teachers and staff directly through EC online during your stay.

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