With our energy, expertise and passion for teaching English, our goal is to help students succeed in a global community.

Our first school was established in Malta in 1991 and quickly became one of the country's leading English language schools. Today we operate in five countries on three continents, in the world's most breathtaking English-speaking destinations.

We now help more than 40,000 students from over 140 countries per year realise their dreams of speaking English and we work hard to ensure the EC experience is as personal and friendly as ever.

Who We Are

Meet the teams who do their best every day to make your experience special.

Our Support Staff

At every school we have a team of people to welcome you and make you feel at home.  Ask them about academic matters, social activities or the best place get good coffee! They are there for you.

Chantal Kim, University Admissions Counsellor

"EC is an incredible place where every person brings something unique to share with everyone else. This is the place where I look forward to Mondays as much as Fridays! I offer guidance in university selection based on student's higher education aspirations, interests, and values. Students are welcome in my office anytime to discuss their education plans, ask about Canadian college/university admissions and requirement, and receive the help they need with various requests."

Our Teachers

Your teachers will be at the heart of your student experience. We select only the best teachers to work with us, and support them as they show you a fantastic learning experience and guide you towards fluency.

Sarah, teacher at EC Malta

"EC isn't any average school, and there are so many reasons I love teaching here. Apart from the great atmosphere, we're trained to think creatively and design our lessons using modern teaching methods and technology. When I see my students genuinely engaging with the classes and each other, having fun and really improving, I know I am in the right place."

Our Social Leaders

Our social leaders are there to accompany you on the many social activities we organise. They will be your guides as you and your new international friends explore. 

Stefan Spiteri Cremona, Student Services

"I've worked at EC Malta for 7 years as Leisure Coordinator for mature students. Here, staff and students form a great family. We strive to make everyone feel welcome and safe while being abroad. My main goal is to ensure that all our students are happy and that the activities that we offer on our little island are the best."

Our Accommodation Team

Where you stay is an important part of your experience. All our schools have their own dedicated teams who take great care in choosing accommodation options to suit your lifestyle, budget and needs.

Victor, Accommodation Assistant at EC Brighton

"After 10 years working in my country Spain, I decided to take some time to learn English at EC . My experience was amazing as I improved my English skills whilst I enjoyed the city of Brighton and my new social life. I was then offered a position in the Accommodation Department helping students feel comfortable and happy, and really making the most of their stay – as I did!   I'm really happy working for EC and being a part of a hardworking international team.  There's a great atmosphere here and it's a very dynamic place. It's also  motivating to see our work contributes to improving people’ s futures."

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