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Affect vs.Effect

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Affect is a verb, although very rarely it can be used as a noun. Effect can be a verb or a noun, so it's  to get them confused.

Try using them like this:

Effect (noun)

A thing that has happened.
'Watching his favourite team lose had little effect on Julian'.

Effect (verb)

To bring about change.
'We will effect changes to business policies from next year'.

Affect (verb)

To produce an effect on.
'Jeremy quitting smoking didn't affect the way Emma felt about him'.

Take a look at the exercise below to check your understanding. Remember to use the corrcect tenses!

  • I took some pills for my cold, but they didn't have any .
  • Spending some time apart can have a good on a relationship.
  • The farm was badly by the flood.
  • The drain drivers strike will really commuters.