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FN.8 - Describing people

A-Z of descriptive adjectives

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Here's an A-Z of adjectives we can use to describe different things. Take a look at them and see if you can learn some new, useful words.

Remember - many of these words  are not used in these forms to describe how we feel. For example, we use "It's amazing" to describe something while "I am amazed" is used to show our emotion or feeling.


Wonderful or surprising.

Star Sign - Capricorn: Personality Adjectives

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When someone asks you "What's your star-sign?", they are asking about which of the 12 signs of the zodiac you were born under. It is believed by many that your personality (character) is linked to the date you were born, furthermore, people say that you can predict your future by your star-sign.
The twelve signs of the zodiac are:

How to talk about health problems

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In life one of the most important things you can do is to look after your health. When we have a health problem we can go and see a doctor. Here we take a look at the English you need to discuss bad health.

Upper Int : What are euphemisms?

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'She was happy to hear that there would be no lay offs at her company.'

A euphemism is a word or phrase that we use instead of a more direct, unpleasant word. Euphemisms are used when we talk about difficult subject matters like death, for example.

what are sense verbs?

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 'Chillies taste hot.'

How to use 'understatement'

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 'She's not the most intelligent person in the world!'

What is 'understatement'?

Understatement is used when a speaker wants to  a make a situation seem less strong or important than it is.

For example, think about this situation:

You have taken ten exams in school and passed them all with a score of 100%. Someone asks you:

Personality Adjectives - 'What is she like?'

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perosonality adjectives

'How would you describe her personality?'