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G.10 - Conditionals

Conditionals using If

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There are four conditional tenses in English using if:

zero conditional

The zero conditional is used for scientific facts or statements that are always true.

"If you don't drink water, you die."
"You get wet if you stand in the rain."

When can be used instead of if and the meaning remains the same.

What is the zero conditional?

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What is the zero conditional?

We use the zero conditional when we want to talk about facts or things that are generally true. Scientific facts are often covered by the zero conditional: "When you heat ice, it melts."

How to use ‘if’ in conditional sentences

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If i won the lottery, I would...

In English we have four ways to make conditional (if) sentences. Here is how to make them...

0 Conditional – is used for scientific facts or general truths. ‘If’ can be substituted for ‘when’.

 ‘If you boil water to 100°C, it boils.’