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T.3.1 - Christmas

Culture Lesson: Boxing Day

Average: 1.9 (154 votes)

Read the folling information about Boxing Day and choose the correct form for each missing word:

Culture Lesson: Christmas Traditions

Average: 3.2 (22 votes)

Merry Christmas!

Read the following information on Christmas and then answer the questions below:

Culture Lesson: Father Christmas

Average: 2.9 (14 votes)

We have all heard of Father Christmas (or Santa) and you have probably known for a long time that he doesn't exist. But did you know that the character of Father Christmas is based on a real life person? That's right, Father Christmas is based on a person called St. Nicholas.

Christmas vocabulary match

Average: 2.7 (12 votes)

Take a look at the seven Christmas images and match them to the words: