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Music Video

Music Video: Frank Sinatra - Send in the Clowns

Average: 3.1 (19 votes)

This is a very old, very famous song which has been performed by many renowned artists, including the following, Frank Sinatra! Before you listen, read through the lyrics and try to decide what the song is about. Is it happy or sad? Is it romantic? Then listen and complete the gaps with the missing words.

Lesson by Caroline Devane

Music Video Lesson - Solomon Burke 'Don't Give Up On Me'

Average: 3.8 (10 votes)

In this beautiful and sad song, the singer requests that the woman he loves has faith in him; how romantic! Listen to the first half of the song and see if you can put the missing words in the correct gaps. Then answer this bonus question: What's the meaning of the main phrasal verb in this song? Good luck!

By Caroline

Music Video Lesson: Let It Snow

Average: 3.4 (17 votes)

Christmas is coming, my favourite time of year! Here’s a song by the wonderful Michael Buble to get you in the Christmas spirit. Listen to the song and complete the gaps with the missing words. Merry Christmas!

Music Video Lesson - Coldplay 'Fix You'

Average: 3.9 (12 votes)

This is a beautiful song by the extremely successful band, Coldplay. In this song, you should be able to guess which word fits into the gap without listening. Try to guess first and then listen to see if you were right!

Music Video Lesson - One Direction

Average: 3.8 (27 votes)

I kind of like this song...but don't tell anyone! Why? Because it's a guilty pleasure, something we like even though we know we shouldn't. A guilty pleasure will usually cause your friends to laugh at you and remind you of how silly you are constantly. Listen to this song by young boy-band One Direction (oh the shame) and fill the gaps with the missing words. Then let me know your guilty pleasures, if you dare!

Lesson by Caroline Devane

Music Video Lesson - The Script - 'If You Ever Come Back'

Average: 3.4 (23 votes)

This song describes the difficulty of finding yourself single after an important relationship. Do you usually read through the lyrics and guess which words fit the gaps before you listen to the song? I’d like you to try that today, you may be surprised at how well you can understand the context! As always, please let me know if you have any requests for songs or artists in the future!

Music Video Lesson - Pixie Lott 'Gravity' and Casual English

Average: 2.8 (11 votes)

This song by Pixie Lott is a perfect example of the 'casual' spelling and pronunciation of some English words. In words ending in 'ing', people often drop the last g. For example 'singing' becomes 'singin'.

Remember: It is useful to be aware of casual or 'slang' English, but it is usually only used in informal situations.

Music Video Lesson - Corinne Bailey Rae - 'Put Your Records On'

Average: 3.3 (20 votes)

This is one of my favourite songs to listen to on lovely days, it reminds me of summer. Listen to the song and complete the gaps with the missing words. This time there is no list of missing words to choose from!

Lesson by Caroline

Music Video Lesson - The Corrs 'At Your Side'

Average: 3.6 (19 votes)

This was the first song I ever learnt to play on the guitar! Of course that was more than a few years ago and I doubt I can play it now, but I still remember it fondly! Do any of you play instruments? If so, what was the first song you learnt to play? I didn't play guitar for very long, but I played piano for years and I really miss it. If anyone has a piano to give away then let me know!

Listen to the song and complete the gaps with the missing words, then look around for a free piano.

Music Video Lesson - Michael Buble 'Home'

Average: 3.8 (13 votes)

I went home this weekend and thought of this song by one of my favourite singers, Michael Buble. Before you listen to the song, see if you can complete the gaps with the words below using the meaning of the lyrics to help you. Then, check your answers by listening to the song. Good luck!

Lesson by Caroline