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Euro 2008- Football English (part 2)

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Football English

'The beautiful game!'

Do you know how to talk about football in English? Take our quiz!

EURO 2008 is keeping us all busy (can it be four years already?).  This year’s competition is happening without the 5 English speaking nations making it to the finals in Switzerland and Austria, but I’m sure that there will be a lot of English being spoken at the tournament between the supporters.  See if you are ‘on the ball’ and choose the correct responses to these questions and statements.

  • What time does tonight's game kick off?

  • Do you know what the score was?

  • I've never seen such a good match.

  • Do you think France will go all the way?

  • I didn't see the game. What happened?

  • I don't like Ronaldo. He's always diving!

  • Why was he booked?