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'Holiday from Hell' - reading and vocab match

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Read the following passage about someone's holiday. Then try and find the matching vocabulary.

Our holiday couldn’t have got off to a worse start.

First, the airline lost our luggage so we had to spend the first few days in the clothes we travelled in.

Luckily, there were some cheap shops near the hotel where we could buy some bits and pieces until our luggage arrived.

Talking about the hotel, it was a nightmare!

They had overbooked, so there weren’t enough rooms.

They had to put us in the tiny staff rooms.

They were cold, dingy and so small that we could barely get our bags in.

On the first night we went to the restaurant, but it was closed. Apparently, the chef and most of the waiters were off with food poisoning.  Not a good sign.

We decided to eat our meals in town instead.

On the second day we were woken up by the sound of workmen.

They were building another hotel right next door to ours.

The noise was deafening!  

Leaving the hotel as quickly as possible we headed to the beach and were shocked to see that the water was polluted.

Loads of rubbish was floating in the sea.

We didn’t want to swim so we lay on the sand with no way to cool down.

It was boiling.

I got badly sunburned because I didn’t have a hat.

It was impossible for me to be outside for a long time after that.

I think next year we are just going to stay at home!

Now that you have finished see if you can find the words in the text with the same meanings. You only need one word per answer except for in the first question.

  • 1) Find an expression which means, small things of different types
  • 2) Find a word which means, very small
  • 3) Find a word which means, dark and dirty
  • 4) Find a word which means, very loud
  • 5) Find a word which means 'dirty air, water or land'
  • 6) Find a word which means 'lots of'
  • 7) Find a word which means 'very hot'