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How to use 'Unless' and 'As long as'

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'We'll catch our flight as long as we leave soon.'

As long as

Take a look at this sentence:

"I will go if it is free."

(If it is free, I will go.)

In this sentence we can change if to as long as and it keeps the same meaning:

"I will go as long as it is free."

(As long as it is free, I will go)

Here are some other examples:

"You can borrow my bike as long as you are careful." = You can borrow my bike if you are careful.

"You will pass the test as long as you study hard." = You will pass the test if you study hard.


Now let's look at the same if sentence using a negative:

"If it isn't free, I won't go."

(I won't go if it isn't free.)

Here we can use unless to keep the same meaning:

"Unless it is free, I won't go."

(I won't go unless it is free.)

Unless means except if or only if.

Here are some other examples:

"I'll walk to town unless it rains." = If it doesn't rain, I'll walk to town.

"Unless we leave now, we’ll be late." = If we don't leave now, we'll be late.

"You can't enter unless you have a ticket." = Only if you have a ticket, can you enter.

Now read the sentences below and decide if unless or as long as should be used.

Using the comments box give us some of your own example sentences using 'unless' and 'as long as'.

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  • You should not swim in the river ___ you are a good swimmer.

  • I will take a day off ___ my boss says that it is ok.

  • You can improve your English ___ you use this site!

  • You will not get fit ___ you stop smoking.

  • It does not matter how it tastes ___ you do not eat it.

  • She will be angry with him ___ he says sorry.

  • There is no need to wake up early ___ you want to.

  • The rock concert will be good ___ you don't mind loud music.

  • My pet lion will not bite you ____ you do not get too close.

  • Fast food is great ___ you eat too much of it.