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10 'All' Idioms

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All in your head

When you imagine something that is not real, it is all in your head.

They were not gossiping about you, it’s all in your head.

All ears

When you are ready and eager to listen, you are all ears.

Tell me what she said, I’m all ears.

All in a day’s work

When something is unusual for other people but not unusual for you, it’s all in a day’s work.

Being cold and wet is all in a day’s work for British fishermen.

All hell broke loose

When all hell breaks loose, a situation suddenly becomes noisy and violent.

All hell broke loose at the party when James pushed Dan to the floor.

All over the shop

When something is badly organised or scattered in many different places, it is all over the shop. This is a British English idiom.

My brother’s room is a mess. His clothes are all over the shop.

All eyes on me

When everyone is paying attention to someone, all eyes are on them.

All eyes are on the Germany team after their disappointing recent results.

All in the same boat

When you are in the same unpleasant situation as everyone, you are all in the same boat.

There’s no use complaining to me about having to work on Saturday, we’re all in the same boat. We’re all working then too.

All Greek to me

When something is too difficult or confusing to understand, it's all Greek to you.

I didn't understand today's lecture, it was all Greek to me.

All or nothing

When something is all or nothing, you either do it completely or not all.

As Jenny stood on the top of the diving board she knew it was all or nothing. She could either jump off or climb back down.

All out

When you do something all out, you do it with every possible effort.

We had to work all out to make sure we met our deadline.

Now choose the correct 'all' idiom in each example:

  • 1) All ___ will be on the President when he makes this afternoon's speech.

  • 2) I was terrible at physics at school. It was all ___ to me.

  • 3) There's no one watching us. You are being paranoid, it's all in your ___.

  • 4) All ___ broke loose at the protest after someone was hit with a rock.

  • 5) The papers on her desk were all over the ___.

  • 6) We're all in the same ___ when it comes to feeling ill. Everyone seems to have caught this flu.

  • 7) I'll have to work all __ to get my homework done by tomorrow.