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10 Common Idioms

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Here are some sample sentences using English idioms. After you read the sentences, see if you can match each idiom with the definition.

1. After he was cut by the team, he turned over a new leaf and started working out.

2. I couldn't believe he actually passed himself off as a native speaker.

3. If you don't get there early, all the bargains will be snapped up.

4. Everybody has at least one skeleton in their closet.

5. I went over everything with a fine-tooth comb, and still couldn't find the mistake.

6. She really didn't enjoy going out with me. She called me a cold fish.

7. My wife stays home, and it's my job to bring home the bacon.

8. The bank was robbed to the tune of $500,000.00.

9. Those types of problems are just swept under the rug.

10. His idea went over like a lead balloon.


a. take quickly
b. in the amount of
c. careful attention
d. to meet with disapproval
e. improve conduct
f. to dismiss casually
g. a boring person
h. to pretend to be
i. to support one's family
j. a shameful secret

Now match the definitions to the idioms by typing in the letter - do not type in the whole idiom!

By Thomas Williams, teacher at EC San Diego English school

Confusing Word Pairs

Now choose the correct sentence:

  • 1. turn over a new leaf:
  • 2. pass off:
  • 3. snap up:
  • 4. skeleton in the closet:
  • 5. fine-tooth comb:
  • 6. cold fish:
  • 7. bring home the bacon:
  • 8. to the tune of:
  • 9. sweep under the rug:
  • 10. go over like a lead balloon: