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10 Quick Preposition Questions

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Learning prepositions is not easy! There are so many rules and exceptions to follow. The best option is look at how prepositions are used in full sentences rather than looking at them on their own.

The more time you spend reading, listening and speaking English, the easier it becomes to use prepositions

Complete the sentences using on, about, for, in at, to. How many did you get correct? Who gets 10/10?
Lesson by Nasreen, EC Cape Town English School

  • 1. I spent a lot of money my new books.
  • 2. He enjoys reading ancient cultures.
  • 3. Are you good playing football?
  • 4. She's very interested historical films.
  • 5. Who does this jacket belong ?
  • 6. We're talking where to go on holiday.
  • 7. Are these flowers me?
  • 8. What is this machine used ?
  • 9. My house is forty minutes drive from the city.
  • 10. Where do you usually go Saturdays?