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10 sentences, 10 mistakes! But can you find them all?

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Below are ten sentences. Each sentence has one mistake. Only choose one option per sentence.

Use the comments area to explain what the mistakes are, why they are mistakes and what the correct sentence should be!

Which question is the most difficult? We think number nine!

  • 1) I always make my homework as soon as I get home.

  • 2) Who's bike was stolen from outside work yesterday?

  • 3) Its about time we thought about buying a new laptop.

  • 4) My parents asked me to look after there dog while they were on holiday.

  • 5) When was the last times you went abroad?

  • 6) Maybe we should'nt bother with the gardening right now.

  • 7) She's not really interested of going for a drink with me.

  • 8) Paul said me if he could borrow my lawnmover for the weekend.

  • 9) You can ring your wet clothes out in the sink.

  • 10) The advantages of her plan were plane to see.