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10 vocabulary questions

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We all want to build up our bank of English language words, so here's a quiz you should all take. All you have to do is match the key-word to its closest meaning. The key-words are used in context to give you a small hint:


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  • Concept: "The concept of freedom is important to American culture."

  • Era: "The election of the new President marked a new era in US politics."

  • Pursue: "If you try to run away, we will pursue you."

  • Pioneer: "Bill Gates was a pioneer of home computer software."

  • Dominant: "Manchester United are the dominant team in British football."

  • Display: "Shops display their best products in the window"

  • Decade: "She's been working here for a decade."

  • Numerous: "We've talked about this issue numerous times."

  • Eventually: "They eventually found the museum"

  • Orator: "Good leaders are usually good orators."