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12 Weather Words

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Here are 12 words related to weather.  Read through them carefully. How many of them do you know?

Clear Sky

Weather Descriptions

Read through these twelve sentences. Do you know which weather words are being described? Match the above words to their definitions:

A light wind is a _1_.

The air pollution seen in cities, that looks like dirty fog, which is a mixture of smoke and gas is _2_.

When the sky has no clouds there is a _3_.

_4_ is a light rain consisting of small drops of water.

The instrument that is used to measure air pressure is called a _5_.

The cloud on the ground that reduces visibility is _6_.

A _7_ is when water covers dry areas because rivers have become too full.

_8_ is the massive electric flash that is seen in a storm.

_9_ is a type of rain that's a mixture of liquid and frozen water.

A strong wind which carries sand through the air in a desert is a _10_.

_11_ are the short periods of rain that cause puddles to form on the ground.

The amount of water that is in the air is _12_.

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