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20,000 users thanks to YOU!

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Hi English Learners,

No usual lesson today; instead, we'd like to say a big 'thank you' to you all. Why? Because you are so wonderful and - because of your support - we now have over 20,000 registered users at http://learnenglish.ecenglish.com!

In less than a year we've managed to grow this site thanks to your participation and encouragement. It's our sincere hope that you will keep coming back to our site, keep taking the lessons, using the forum and leaving our comments.

Of course, we want to keep on expanding this site so we'd appreciate it if you told your English learning friends about us and also link to us from your blogs and websites (if you don't ask, you don't get…right?).

You might, or might not, know that EC (apart from running this lovely site) has 8 world-wide English language schools in London, Cambridge, Brighton, New York, San Diego, Cape Town and Malta. These schools all have their own blogs which the teachers at the schools regularly contribute to. Not only are they a great way to learn more about the EC family, but you can also find some useful English tips and lessons as part of the posts.

Here are a couple of blog posts you might find useful:

Mysteries of English Grammar lesson by EC New York teacher Michael

April Fools' Day lesson by EC London teacher Sam

April Fools' Day lesson by EC Cambridge teacher Sabine

Here are all the EC school blogs - they're a great way to practise your English and find out what's going on at EC:

EC London's blog , EC Cambridge's blog , EC Brighton's blog , EC New York's blog , EC San Diego's blog
 EC Cape Town's blog , EC Malta's blog

Again, thanks for support and if you are thinking about taking an English course at one of our schools, we look forward to seeing you.

EC Team

Key words

managed - to succeed in doing something

participation - to take part in or become involved in an activity

encouragement - When someone talks or behaves in a way that gives you confidence to do something.

appreciate - to recognise or understand that something is valuable or important.

regularly - often