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5 British English idioms

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Here are some idioms that you will only here in the UK:

Bob's your uncle

Usually used after a set of simple instructions and has the same meaning as the phrase "and there you have it". It shows that something will be successful:

'To access the site, simply enter your password here and Bob's your uncle..'

cheap as chips

When something's very cheap, it is as cheap as chips:

'These shoes are only ten pounds a pair - cheap as chips!'

drunk as a lord

To be very drunk. To have drunk too much alcohol:

'I don't really remember what happened. I'm sorry to say that I was as drunk as a lord last night.'

give someone stick

When you give someone stick you criticise them:

'My team-mates gave me stick for missing the start of the match.'

to go spare

When you lose your temper and become very angry, you go spare:

'Mum will go spare when she finds out you broke her vase.'

Link: Britsih English Slang

  • To celebrate his final exam he's to get as drunk as a lord!
  • Load up the car and that's that's. Bob's uncle.
  • I heard that computers in Korea as cheap as chips. ( NOT 'WERE'.)
  • They were all a lot of stick for doing so badly on the test.
  • Amri spare when we saw that someone had scrathed his car.