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5 common phrasal verbs you should know

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Phrasal verbs are used a lot when we speak. They are used instead of more formal English words which have the same meaning. It is ok to use them when writing to friends; however, avoid using them in formal speaking or writing situations.

Let's take a look at 5 examples and their meanings.

bring back

meaning: to return something
"I'll lend you my book if you promise to bring it back on Saturday."
"Bring back the report when you have finished reading it."

fill in

meaning: to complete a form
"Please fill in this form."
"Before I could get a bank loan I had to fill in lots of forms."

have on

meaning: to wear something
"She has on a new pair of shoes."
"At the meeting, Simon had on his best suit."

put out

meaning: to extinguish/ to make a fire stop working
"I'm sorry you can't smoke in here. Please, put out your cigarette."
"They made sure to properly put out their fire before they left the campsite."

take off

meaning: to remove clothes/ to get undressed.
"Take off those dirty boots before you stand on my clean carpet."
"I can't wait to get home, take off my clothes and have a hot bath."

Link: Verb Practice

  • 1 - Did seeing her again after 10 years ____ happy memories?

  • 2 - It's getting hot in here. I'll ___ my jacket.

  • 3 - Tell him to ___ his cigar before he stinks out the whole room.

  • 4 - My insurance was simple to arrange and I didn't have ___ lots of paperwork.

  • 5 - Meet me at the station. I'll ___ a bright green shirt - you won't miss me!