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5 Fantastic Idioms!

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Let's a look at some natural English idioms. Can you guess what they mean from the context? Match the idioms to their definitions. Do you have similar idioms in your language? Tell us about them.


He was beside himself when he heard he had been promoted.

If you have any ideas, I'm all ears.

We've only just started, don't throw the towel in yet.

Let's put our heads together and find the solution.

I'm late because my car died on the way here.


  1. To plan something with someone else.
  2. To stop trying because you know that you cannot succeed.
  3. To be very interested to hear something.
  4. When a machine stops working.
  5. To have a very strong emotion.

See. They are fantastic, aren't they?

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  • beside yourself:

  • all ears:

  • throw in the towel:

  • put our heads together:

  • die: