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5 idioms using nationalities

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1. Greek to me

Greek is the adjective form for the country Greece.

It's (all) Greek to me is used to describe something that is very confusing or not understandable.

I've tried reading the instructions but it's all Greek to me.

2. Go Dutch

Dutch is the adjective for the Netherlands, also known as Holland.

In a restaurant, when the bill arrives, each person pays for themselves rather than any person paying for anybody else. This is also known as splitting the bill.

How about going for dinner at that new restaurant tonight? We’ll go Dutch, okay?

3. Dutch Courage

Dutch courage refers to the courage you get after drinking alcohol (it makes you confident). It's also known as liquid courage.

I think I'll need a bit of Dutch courage before my speech at my brother's wedding.

4. Mexican Standoff

A confrontation that neither side can win; a stalemate.

The negotiations between the two companies are not progressing. It's becoming a Mexican stand off.

5. Indian Summer

Indian summer is a period of unusually warm weather that occurs in the autumn when it should be cooler. It usually comes after a period of colder weather.

We had a few days of Indian summer before it turned cold again.

Now complete these phrases:

  • 1) Some ___ courage will help with your nerves.

  • 2) Both sides have been involved in a ___ standoff for weeks now.

  • 3) It's freezing again today. That ___ summer didn't last long.

  • 4) I didn't understand today's lecture, it was all ___ to me.

  • 5) Do you want to go __ on a pizza for lunch?