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5 Money Idioms

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Money, like time, is something that we never seem to have enough of.

Here are five phrasal verbs we use to talk about spending money.

cough up

To pay for something or to send money on something especially when you don't want to.

"She's just coughed up £40 for a speeding fine."

splash out

To spend a lot of money on something that you like but don't really need. You spend more than you need to on something enjoyable.

"For our anniversary we splashed out £500 going to Paris for the weekend."

shell out

To pay or give money for something, usually when you don't want to. Has the same meaning as cough up.

"I'm going to have to shell out £50 getting my TV fixed."

ante up

This is a formal phrasal verb which has the same meaning as cough up and shell out (informal). It means to unwillingly pay for something.

"The company has decided to ante up a large donation to charity."

fritter away

To foolishly waste money. It can also be used to mean waste time.

"I often fritter away my salary on things I don't need. I'm terrible with money."

To help you learn these idioms, take this simple quiz and then write some example sentences.

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  • up 2000 dollars for a deposit is not the best start when moving in to a new apartment. (Cough)
  • The lottery winner had away all of his money before he died.
  • To celebrate your promotion let's out on a good bottle of champagne.
  • He out 200 pounds every month on taxis. He doesn't want to, but he has no choice.