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5 New English Words

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Language is alive and forever changing. Approximately 25,000 new words are introduced into English on an annual basis, and, in an attempt to keep you with a finger on the linguistic pulse, so to speak, and in the spirit of doing something a little different, here's a list of my five favourite 'new' words to the language. Enjoy!

1. A Nonversation a conversation that seems meaningless or ridiculous.

2. An E-Quaintance a person who you only 'know' through online networking.

3. To Gaslight (verb) to drive someone crazy by making them doubt their memory or perceptions.

4. Drizzmal (adjective) a description of rainy weather that causes melancholy.

5. A Cyberchondriac one who imagines that he is ill, having just read about the symptoms on the Internet!

By Danny, Teacher at EC Malta English School