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5 Phrasal verbs for angry people!

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Do you have a short fuse (become angry quickly)? There are times when we all blow our top (get angry). Here are some phrasal verbs that may be useful for the times when we get a little hot under the collar (get angry)!

Shove off / Push off
These two phrasal verbs mean to go away / depart. We can use them to describe situations when we leave ("We'll push off from here at sunrise") or when someone is annoying us we tell them to push off. In this case, we want them to leave. Go away is also used and is a little less strong.
"Stop bothering my girlfriend. Push off!"

Blow up
When you blow up you suddenly become very angry.
"When I told Samantha that I'd crashed her car she blew up."

Cut it out / Pack it in
We use this phrasal idiom when we want someone to stop doing something that we don't like. We can say cut it out or pack it in.
"Cut it out, stop upsetting your little brother."

Lash out
This phrasal verb is used in British English when we verbally or physically attack someone.
"I'm sorry for lashing out at you yesterday. I didn't mean the horrible things I said."

Smash up
When we smash something up we destroy it, break it into many pieces.
"He went crazy and smashed up his room when his girlfriend ended their relationship!"

Now write some example sentences using these verbs.

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